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Side effects of insulin injections for type 2 diabetes

For diabetic patient insulin works as a life for break down food into energy that is needed for survival. Diabetic pt is most likely to use insulin in his/her ways or doctors have prescribed them. But they also passing through side effects of insulin that I will describe here. People with type 2 diabetes can make their insulin, but it’s not enough to maintain their blood glucose level. We can treat type 2 diabetes with medication that boosts cells in the pancreas to make insulin and help the body in maintaining metabolism level. Insulin administration in type 2 diabetic pt can cause severe side effects that I will explain to educate those people who are suffering in diabetes type 2 levels are as follows:

Somehow, is it an Addiction?

This question is like a fiction that once you start using it you can’t stop it in your life and you become dependent on it throughout your life. You will feel slow and drowsy in your routine. It won’t let you become active, fit and healthy.


Hypoglycemia is the most common side effect in using insulin treatment. In type 2 diabetes this symptom may occur if you are administering Insulin. It happens because your pancreas is already making insulin but you are still using insulin to break down metabolism. Metabolism breaks down very fast and then the result occurs in the form of headache.

Allergic symptoms

This is another side effect of taking insulin in type 2 diabetes. Because our body is using enough insulin but we inject more quantity of insulin then the symptom may occur in allergic form. Allergic reaction is very irritating for diabetic patient to prevent this symptom we should consult with medical doctors, consultant for help to get rid from this problem. They will advice another medication to prevent from allergic reaction due to insulin.

Flu like symptom

In type 2 diabetes the person using insulin may feel flu like symptoms that is very disgusting for patient to deal with this problem. It’s serious form is called anaphylaxis. If you are taking regular insulin you can feel these symptoms. You should consult with your doctor who has prescribed you insulin to prevent from major side effects.

Weight gain

This is more occurring symptoms can be seen in type 2 diabetes patients. They are become fatty and bulky due to not doing exercise and feeling of lethargy and weakness anytime due to using insulin. To take better result patient must follow the doctor’s advice in which proper diet plan and exercise are include?


This is another symptom that can be seen in type 2 diabetic patients due to using insulin. To prevent from this symptoms patient must consult with their doctors. Rashes also may occur.
When taking insulin try to avoid infections by using disposable needles and syringes and sterilizing any reusable equipment.

Do not ignore Diabetes by using Insulin

In a large study it is proven that some patients who use insulin start ignoring their own health and lifestyle also diet. According to Andrew Karter, PhD stated that type 2 diabetes is not progressive illness, it means that over time the body makes less and less insulin. But people without diabetes produce less insulin as they go in middle age.

Insulin Is Trouble for Type 2 diabetic Patients

People who are using insulin have more complication that type 1 people like heart rate, eye, and kidney disease. Karter stated that people who take insulin have high rates of complication than those who are on medications. After stop using it insulin leave with its side effects that serious to handle.therefore doctors prescribe insulin for those who have trouble in getting blood glucose to target which can prevent complications not cause them.

Injections is like self Harm

Insulin is subcutaneous. This can be only administering under the skin. Some people may feel discomfort while injecting. To prevent from this pain today needless are very short and thin making injections less painful. In this concern the patient should talk to their doctors about testing a needle during a visit. You may be satisfied with it after.


Hypokalemia may occur because insulin stimulates movement of potassium from blood into cells. Combining insulin with potassium-lowering drugs may increase the risk of hypokalemia.

Hepatic Problem

This is another that can be seen in type 2 diabetic patient is effecting liver. This impairment may reduce the insulin requirement.

Kidney Problem

By using insulin this disease may occur due to this dysfunction may reduce the insulin requirement.

Stress and anxiety

These symptoms may also occur in the form of anxiety, stress and emotional disturbances theses problematic conditions may alter the requirement of insulin at the time.

Intravenous administration

Intravenous administration may increase the risk of hypoglycemia and hypokalemia. There are varieties of insulin that can be use in type 2 diabetes. Human insulin production and regular insulin are made by combination of DNA technology. Common side effects of insulin include hypoglycemia, headache, weight gain, rashes and itching, flu, reaction of injections etc.effects; side effects must be reviewed after using insulin treatment to prevent from also taking expert advice time to time. It is very important to normalize your routine, diet plan and exercise routine. This may leave positive effects on patient health.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Conversion Disorder and its Treatment

Conversion disorder is specifically functional neurological symptom disorder and hysterical neurosis. It is said that this disorder has underlying issues of psychological problems but not depends on medical reasons. It is one of the most interestingly neurological disorders affected mostly in women than men. Historically, it is diagnosed in the world war. There were two disorders diagnose during war hysteria and conversion disorder. Interestingly this disorder came in the category of somatoform disorder. Prevelence rate is high in women due to the high risk of stress related disorders and personality disorders. It has root from stressful, tragically situation in which person have passed through. 

Conversion disorder begins with stress, psychological problem and more specifically unconsciousness conflicts that lead to people lose their blindness, paralysis, swallowing defects, inability to speak and walking. Reasons are not medically tested doctors going through all neurological tests then find out functional neurological disorders. Sometimes symptoms are overlap with other mental disorders too. More specifically these problems came into observation due to person’s walk away from their responsibilities, relationship problems related issues.
Factors that cause conversion disorder are as follows:


Social factors including your environment products in which you have to deal with. Some people are more attention seeker and want to be appreciated from other on each task f it won’t happen with them they do harmful act to drag their attention and care. In society everybody occupied with lots of responsibilities some are manageable and some are stressful but in this case the person that feel burden in their responsibilities lead to show symptoms like paralysis, fits, blindess and swallowing defects to run away with sympathies. This is more interestingly studied in researches because are still not diagnosed, different factors are included.


Conversion disorder is not medically disorder bit it comes in the functional neurological disorder category due to its symptoms related from neurological domain. It happen with the person that has gone through underlying unconscious conflicts exhibits the symptoms of conversions disorder. Before diagnosis doctors asked from patient if he/she passed through any tragicful event. If diagnosis is pointing toward the psychological stressor or any stressful events then the person will be diagnosed as conversion disorder. It is quite understandable thing that these symptoms are firstly considered in medical checkup then go for psychological evaluation.


Biological factors are characterized conversion disorder include impaired cerebral hemispheric communication, excessive cortical arousal that inhibits the individual’s awareness of bodily sensations that possibly cause impairments on neuro-psychological test.
Neuropsychological test have been structured to diagnose the conversion disorder. This disorder is self limiting as 90-100 percent of symptoms are recovered in few months. It depends on the severity level of disorder if he/she is going through stress then it is likely time taking process. It occurs with comorbidity with psychiatric disorders, and the absence of litigation proceeding related to illness. The longer conversion symptoms are present then the worst the prognosis.


Conversion disorder is basically functional neurological disorder that occurs due to underline conflicts. It can be caused through social, personal and biological factors comorbidity of other anxiety, dissociative and personality disorders pretty much risk with theses disorders. Doctors undergoes patient through episodes of medication to maintain the hormonal level normal as well as normal activity too neurological deficits cause major functional problems for this psychiatry help is much focused with other implementation of therapies.


Treatment included first priority to medication because this disorder is basically occur due to the imbalance secretion of neurotransmitter (Serotonin) in the brain that affects the functional defects and lead the person into paralysis, seizers and other malingering disorders. So to prevent from these defects and issues we follow the medications that are pretty much easier to reach on recovery process in few days the person can feel immediate recovery with these medication although these medication have side effects tool so it will be taken under the expert advice of psychiatrist. Medications that are highly recommended with strong effects are as follows:
Although pharmacology treatment is not directly based on conversion but it can prevent person suffering from co morbidity of other disorders like Depression, Anxiety, and Personality disorder and alcohol dependence. Care should be taken to avoid dependence-producing psychotropic gents. Medication that is successful in treatment of tricycle Antidepressants, Haloperidol and also treatment with Electroconvulsive therapy.


As I mentioned above that this disorder need critical evaluation and attention for come in treatment process because it is purely cause due to psychological stress and trauma so it will be better treated with the help of psychotherapies and other behavioral techniques that help the patients feel confidence , self esteem , defensive strategies and many other coping skills. So we start from the cognitive behavioral therapies.


Cognitive behavior therapy is one of the most effective therapies in conversion disorder. It is done with expert therapist is well structure and goal oriented technique in which a patient are set in sessions to talk their inner conflicts and discuss on their personal issues. Reconstruct of thought. It works on belief. Those belief that cut the person from normal life will be revive and person face to reality focused talking in which enables to think positive and self evaluation based procedures. That helps the person to cope their fears and implement defensive strategies that have learned by therapist. Cognitive behavior can take up to 14 sessions in which a person has freedom to talk on each problem. This is systematically procedure 1 by 1 sequence wise reconstruction of ideas and thinkings.if anyone have fear to be beaten by others ,therapist helps the person develop in life threatening situation dealing with more positive and defensive techniques.


It helps in built up confidence and prevents the sensory and motors defective complications. Included regular arm and leg exercise that may help in strong and tightness in weak muscle in case of paralysis and mobility. Daily exercises may help the person to recover fast and prevent from inability of daily functioning.


If someone is facing the problem in speech or swallowing then speech therapist would be great in recovery of linguistic defects.


This disorder is mainly due to stress for reducing stress in daily functions we prefer distraction therapy in which music, dancing, group meetings, exercises, relaxation, mindfulness physical activity are recommended.


Hypnosis is done to drag out person from unconscious conflicts. It is effective therapy with the symptoms of functional neurological disorder, loss of sensation and speech problem are in queue.
Here I have described conversion disorder with its treatment. its causes are still being studied but it is preventable with highly organized therapies.

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Chiro and Rehab from Louisiana have finally announced New Medicine as final solution

The terminology of new medicine came out of blue after scientists started thinking about ancient techniques. A famous institute from Lake Charles, Louisiana is Chiro and Rehab. They started to combine conventional scientific medicine along with ancient treatment solutions. The results are amazing and daily updates are being heard from these guys. This new combination of old and conventional medicine is now called New Medicine.

Chiro and Rehab has announced this New Medicine as a final ultimate solution for mankind. Although new treatments like surgery, bone therapy and operations are much helpful but these are in prace since a century. Although alternative treatments are in prace for hunders of years and proven helpful for people although we are not able to measure their results.

The scale of measurement has always kept us on bay. It is not right to say that these alternative patterns are wrong just because we cannot measure their results. It means that we are yet unable to decipher what treasure actually lie ahead in that field. But Chiro and Rehab came front and started practical approach to combine new and old patterns. And it started proven much successful.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

What is ideal size of penis for Porn Stars

The perfect way to see actual rating is to go back to source or its usage. Penis size and its enlargement has always been a leading discussion topic on internet. And news related to it, becomes viral soon. Porn stars are ideal when coming to measure or standardize the ideal size of penis.

Super stars that work in this industry have various point of view. Few old age girls prefer the size bigger but charged to let the fire ignite. Whereas others have very opposite point of view. Teens have a view of penis as small as 5.16 Inch as ideal to have a pleasureful intercourse.

The video about the ideal penis was created by Wood Rocket. They interviewed many actresses from this field. The answers are very contradicting and also shocking.

The well known actress Kenzie Taylor first smiled and said that size is much important thing in sex. The perfect or ideal size for her is 7 inch or 7.5 inch. That size is important in intercourse so that penis hits G-Spot of her to get a pleasure as outcome.

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Friday, April 1, 2016

Bionic Pic of £70,000 of Abad is now functional with Rose

Muhammad Abad is aged 44 years now. He married without letting her partner know about the actual state of his penis. That was dangerous because when her married wife came to know on the night of honeymoon. Abad was embarrassed to tell the bitter truth of her life. Anyway the marriage was passed on for few years with this state.

Muhammad Abad finally contacted a firm to get plantation of bionic to get his life back on track. His skin was taken from left arm along with nerves. The bionic penis was designed and planted on Abad with a button in testicles so that it erects on call from boss.

Although Mr. Abad cannot forget the Fartown accident of year 1978 in which his penis was ripped off. But after around 100 operations of his 8 inch bionic penis, the end result is that he can go to washroom and enjoy sex. The secret behind all this operation is a hidden button under his testicles. When he presses the button, penis is filled with mass from stomatch. And upon other press like a toggle on and off, the liquid is released back. The end result is happiness for Abad and his prostitue partner Charlet Rose.

The cost of all 100 operations is more than 70,000 British Pounds. But finally he got something good to show in bed for intercourse or sex.

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Increase Penis by 2 Inch in UK for £1,000

Penis treatments have always been focus in UK and USA since 19th century. Recently a doctor named Dr Sherif Wakil introduced a new treatment which seems very effective at its launch right now. He has introduced a pattern which does natural treatment and includes medicine in your blood. The improvements can be seen after few months and are much responsive.

Dr Sherif Wakil explains the treatment as TruPRP. PRP means Platted Rich Plasma. Platted means a combination of white and red blood cells. This set of treatment is in short known as P-Shot. This treatment is latest in penis enlargement and sexual enhancement. And right now Wakil is only doctor in entire Europe who is doing this treatment.

The cost of penis enlargement is 1000 British Pounds. The effects are normal. It starts working by increasing the supply of blood in your veins. The process of tissue regeneration is also improved. So finally result of treatment is longer penis that is approximately 2 inch in length. Girth or width is also improved by 1.7 inch that helps you feel the presence much better than before. Overall process increases the state of mind and increases the time of sexual intercourse.

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Khloé Kardashian denies existence of white penis

Khloé Kardashian was attending a late night show FYE. She was on normal discussion when host asked him about a curious question that whether a white cock exists. She suddenly replied that she personally has never seen a white penis.

The host of FYE show Pauly Shore has noticed that Khloe sisters always meet black men and also marries black niggas. Shore was anxious to know that whether they have a taste awareness of white penis also. Khloé Kardashian denied with a big smile that she never came up to adventure with white cock or penis. She is 31 and her boyfriend is pitch black. Definitely his cock would also be black.
Khloé Kardashian denied all question of Shore to answer that were related to her sister Kim. She explained that vaginal question are personnel and it is tough to explain about my sister’s vagina and its experience. Shore you should go and ask her about that. As far as I am concerned, the white dick is a dilemma and I can see if you want to show yours. Vow!

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