Monday, February 28, 2011

Alcohol Treatment Centers in Dallas Texas

Like other states in the US Dallas Texas also has high class alcohol treatment centers that are aimed at providing with the best services of accommodation and the treatment. With the help of over thirty four centers across the area these are popular for the therapists working there; who are professional highly qualified and well-trained in this field. They use conventional treatment methods with modern and incorporate the use of technology to produce more effective and long-lasting results within minimum possible time. The system is computerized and up-to-date applying the particular therapy for the specific patient according to the individual needs. They conduct researches on a vast scale to innovate new and efficient methods of cure.

Gateway Foundation
Serving community for more than 40 years, Gateway Foundation offers treatment for alcohol and drug addictions. So far it has treated 425,000 patients with this abuse and helps 29,000 such individuals every year, in getting rid from this fatal habit. The doctors, psychiatrists, substance abuse professionals and addiction counselors present there are all certified and highly trained in this field.

Metro Treatment
It operates a number of centers that focus on substance abuse treatment. Among the services provided are detoxification, methadone maintenance, addiction treatment and related behavioral counseling. Dedicated staff helps the addicts quit this abuse for good by different proven methods that are given as the individual requirements.

List of Alcohol Centers in Dallas TX
  • Anti aging longevity Center
  • Bylor University Medical Center
  • Community Alcohol and Drug Aftercare Program
  • Crossroads Recovery
  • Dallas County Juvenile Department
  • Dallas Inter Tribal Center
  • Gateway Foundation
  • Green Oaks at Medical City Dallas
  • Holmes Street Foundation
  • Homeward Bound
  • La Sima Foundation
  • Legacy Counseling Center
  • LifeNet Community Behaviourl Health Care
  • Metro Treatment
  • New Day Counseling
  • Nexus Recovery center
  • Nexus Recovery Center Outreach Center
  • North Texas Healthcare System
  • Phoenix Academy
  • Dallas Challenge
  • Recovery Healthcare Corporation
  • Remedy Addictions Counselor
  • Salvation Army
  • Solutions Outpatient Services
  • Southwest Behavioral system Buckner Blvd.
  • Southwest Behavioral Systems Thornton Freeway
  • St Joseph Adolescent and Family Services
  • St. Paul University Hospital
  • STEP Med
  • Timber-lawn Mental Health Systems
  • TRS Dallas
  • Turtle Creek Manor
  • Welcome House
  • West Texas counseling and Rehabilitation Program
The patients when come out of the center after the treatment sessions are over becomes a completely change personalities with improved self-control and no more addiction to any drugs which is the main purpose he consults a center for.

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Best Alcohol Treatment Centers in the World

No doubt about that the best centers in the world for the treatment of alcohol addiction are in developed countries such as United States (US), Canada, United Kingdom (UK), France, Germany, Japan and Australia. With an increase in drug abuse patients the nations are establishing more and more rehabilitation centers that offer treatment services with various therapies as the requirement of the particular patients and the facilities available.

The severity level is also a determinant in the therapy chosen to be given to the person addicted to alcohol or the drug. It is decided by the therapists and the psychologists working there what method to choose.

Treatment Methods

Today the world over, many therapies are given safely with amazing results to help an addict get rid of the curse of alcohol abuse and drug addiction. They are varied slightly but the basics are the same. All the therapies given revolve around these treatment methods. A list of them is given as follows:
  • Individual counseling
  • 12-step programming
  • Recreational activities
  • Yoga, meditation and tai-chi
  • Stress reduction techniques
  • Massage therapy
  • On-site mental health treatment
  • Life skills training
  • Music therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Sports
  • Hope and faith-based groups to reinforce the knowledge that a fresh start can happen for the patients and their families.
  • Family systems workshops
  • Peer recovery group programs
  • Religious activities
The treatment is carried out under the supervision of professionals who are well trained and highly qualified. They are up-to-date with the latest techniques being innovated. The use of proper tools, gadgets and devices is essential. Every patient is psychoanalyzed individually and then a therapy plan is devised for him or her, considering the specific requirements and the nature of the addiction. The complete list with the names of the centers can be found online.

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FEHA and Sexual Harassment in Los Angeles

In everyday life there are plenty of women who suffer a lot of problems during their jobs in their office by their colleagues and their boss by being sexual harassed and because of that they had to leave their jobs. This issue is an unstoppable one as the nature of man never changes and they somehow can’t maintain the decorum and make the female staff in their office insecure and uncomfortable. Los Angeles is one of the busy cities in United States where people want to live their life with their own will and freedom and there are some people who are there for only fun and they get into these kind of issues.

The issue of sexual harassment is intolerable and they cause a lot of trouble to women who are from poor family background and who got responsibilities in their hands, but they have to suffer no more, because in California the law was imposed which is called FEHA (Fair Employment and housing act), this law was imposed by the government to stop the discrimination among the people and specially for women who are the victims of sexual harassment.

There are a lot of employees who take advantage of their employer’s poor conditions and they force them into this act by blackmailing them with their job’s position, and employers get into a useless condition, but FEHA help these types f employers in such a way that they just have to file a complaint to the FEHA about their situations and they get safe with their jobs and the employee is fined, and the amount of money that is fined is given to the victim who suffers from it after certain type periods in installments.

Women who fail to file their complaint for such an act get into a serious liability problems and they just keep suffering from sexual harassment. To prevent such type of acts there are many organizations who are connected with FEHA and they just put this law in their policy, and follow this strictly to maintain the reputation of the organization, and the victims who wants to prevent this kind of act they are required to tell their employers that they won’t tolerate such type of behavior otherwise the strong actions will be taken against them.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Alcohol Treatment Centers Florida

Alcohol treatment centers Florida
The curse of alcohol addiction has afflicted almost all parts of the world. There is no exception of developed or poor countries. Despite being fully aware of the adverse affects it is not easy to curtail its use on a large scale.

Florida, the 22nd largest state in the United States located in south eastern part with population of 18,537,969 back in 2009 is the nation’s fifth fastest growing state. It has many centers in the to treat alcohol addiction in people of all ages regardless of the severity and the time duration of the addiction. In addition to governmental centers there are a number of privately owned centers to combat the issue in a more efficient manner and they are all doing a great job.

Being a rich country it has much more facilities and opportunities than other parts of the world. Florida alcohol treatment center has luxurious environment and high class accommodation in addition to many other facilities.

A holistic treatment
Patients have a trouble free stay there which is always successful without any chance of risk. They are completely transformed into a changed and improved person. The program involves an overall rejuvenation of mental and physical which is the aim of the center. The treatment involves:
  • Detoxification
  • Intervention
  • Behavior modification
  • Relapse controlling therapy
  • Residential treatment
  • Outpatient programs
  • Health fitness activities
The treatment centers in Florida State update the system on regular basis. The psychologists conduct new researches off and on and devise new therapies that are effective, less time consuming and easy to carry out. Detoxification is a process of expelling out the toxin matters from the body. The therapists are busy with detoxification programs with a high proficiency level to get the desired results.

Supervisors are hired that are experienced and capable enough to tackle any side-effects that is the specialty of any reputable treatment center.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sexual Harassment Experiences

More than the half of the population is the victim of sexual harassment. In today’s Era there has been an increase in sexual harassment then before, there was a time of 90’s when the rate of harassment was around 5 to 10 percent, but with time it has increased immensely as it’s being experienced by many people, be it men, women, kids or homosexuals.

There was a time when kids didn't even know the details of sex, but now each and every kid has created this desire to have sex, and media can be rightly blamed for this. In schools, colleges and universities Sexual Harassment has become very common, which includes, poking , calling names in cheesy way, flirting, touching mates and getting intimate with them. And it happens in classes, studios, school vans, assembly lines and in canteen.

Male and female students both have equal role in Sexual Harassment. Mostly Girls complain that boys purposely bump into them and especially in crowded areas boys cleverly reach to them by squeezing their breasts and bottom, and grab their tummy or hold them hardly to move them aside. They also verbally harass each other and pass sexual comments to each other. Boys complain that girls purposely wear short and tight clothes to seek boy’s attention and manipulate them with their beauty, and they allow themselves to be close with boys and then they put all the blame on boys.

In offices it has been hard for employers to maintain their reputation and secure their jobs because of sexual Harassment. It happens in many ways such as Coworkers pass comments to their female colleagues and they keep sharing sexual jokes with each other. A Boss may force his female employees to sleep with him in order to get promoted or to secure their jobs. A manager is often seen flirting with his secretary and so on and so forth. With time the image of secretaries is changed, she is always portrayed as hot and sexy in order to appeal their boss.

Even in public places or in supermarkets women are victimized of sexual harassment and mostly the charges are claimed by women that they are being harassed, for example a shop keeper tries to touch the hands while dealing with cash, like wise in a shoe store a employee tries to touch their customers feet and keep asking them to try more of them. Sometimes in buses women are also harassed as men pass undesirable looks at them and expose their private parts and this also happens in parks and restaurants. Moreover not only females but little boys and girls also become victim of sexual harassment in public places.

A proper Law should be made against Sexual Harassment as it has been an environmental problem for all kind of people so that victims can raise their voice against this hideous act fearlessly and strict action should be taken against such people who commit such shameful acts. Apart from this, women should be cautious of their dressing and appearance when going out and parents should take care of their kids in public places. Most importantly, raise your voice and retaliate when such things happen with you instead of ignoring it as this is the only way of eradicating this evil from society.

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