Friday, April 17, 2015

New Lung Cancer Drug AstraZeneca Proved Successful for Delaying Disease

A new cancer drug for lung is introduced in European Lung Cancer Conference. It was conducted in Geneva where many other companies presented drugs for various diseases related cancer. AstraZeneca was proved successful over all other drugs for treating or simply delaying the disease for over an year.

Lung Cancer deaths are rising in United States over last years research statistics. US Health Department issued funds last year of more than $118 billion for research into Lung Cancer treatment. AstraZeneca showed various drugs but were a severe failure for company. At the same time, these funding was also at stake and Pfizer applied to take funds for carrying out drug research instead of the above mentioned company.

AstraZeneca has launched its products after United States rejected its patents of Iressa for legality issues. AZD9291 is a recent competitor of this drug. AZD9291 was prepared using Clovis Oncology using genetic mutation technology.

Company is based in London and works mainly on drugs related to Cancer diseases. Its stocks were seen a rise in value for more than 34% over few days after injection of new lung cancer drug in its stock.

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Save Yourself from Suicide with SAMHSA's Free Mobile Application

Substance and Mental Health Services Administration that is formerly known as SAMHSA has launched a free application to assist mentally disturbed individuals get free treatment. The application is free for health service providers and people who are at high risk of mental disturbance.

The application can be used by all who are addicted to alcohol or feeling severe life issues and get rid of their life to resolve issues. App gives free access to resources and treatment centers on one click for urgent services and most importantly at priority basis for free.

App by SAMHSA is known as SAFE-T card. You can also pronounce it as Suicide Assessment Five Step Evaluation and Triage. It can downloaded from official store of SAMHSA using this url ( It can be used on smartphones & tablets for both Google Android and Apple iOS.

Suicide has been worst hit in United States for deaths. It is 10th main reason of deaths. Alaska and American Indians are more prone to such disorders of life. Study shows that people who die committing suicide contacted nearest health care center for treatment or psychological issue. Around 45% people tried health services and 20% tries mental treatment.

Officials from SAMHSA said that it is a disease that can be cured with apt knowlege and timely treatment. So the app will act as a primary source or early AID for such disturbed people. They are hopeful that such steps would lower the number of lives wasted every year specially adults.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Good News - Cancer Cases and Deaths Continue to Decline in America every year

Every year a combine study is published for cancer patients, deaths and treatments. Yesterday press release was issues through Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) which shows good news and promises for better understanding cancer and its treatments.

This year's report is different than previous ones. Scientists has uses complete American data of patients from all over the hospitals for better understanding and statistics. Reports shows that breast cancer's all types respond in a different way to treatment under extreme care.

Molecular types of breast cancer in both men and women has four major types. They have different death ratios, treatment responses and recovery chances. Understanding these on all ages, poverty levels and different regions.

CDC Cancer report is prepared from year 1975-2011. It was completed by participants from Americal Cancer Society - ACS, National Cancer Institute - NCI, National Institute of Health - NIH, North American Association of Central Cancer Registries - NAACCR and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - CDC.

These are four major molecular sub types of breast cancer. Their division is bases on HER2 gene and HR (Harmone receptor).
  • Luminal A (HR+/HER2-)
  • Luminal B (HR+/HER2+)
  • HER2-enriched (HR-/HER2+)
  • Triple negative (HR-/HER2-)

Overall the death ratios continue to decrease since year 1990. Ratio of deaths in men of America show decline by 1.8%. It kept steady in women. Slight increase is observed in children.

Tom Frieden is acting as director of CDC and MD expresses that this is moment of rejoice. All investments and study that Americans are doing has proved results and shows promise that we are going right way towards complete eradication of cancer from American society.

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Monday, March 30, 2015

Los Angelas Court Ceased Star SeaFood Company under FDA Request

United States Food and Drug Administration has been tracking a fish packing sea food company (Star Seafood Company) since year 2012. Now after reiterated request to follow drug and safety standards of US, FDA has asked court to cease its production facility.

FDA representative Melinda K. Plaisier said that last step to cease production is taken to protect US citizens. Company was issues a letter to recall its certain products from market which was not up to safety manufacturing standards.

Star SeaFood Company took its specific products off the shelves from local market. Again FDA took inspection in year 2013 and found same issues with manufacturing standards. A formal warning letter is release against firm. Federal authorities did last inspection in year 2014 and finally took their case in LA court for ceasing production.

Melinda said that two harmful bacteria are found in star products. Listeria monocytogenes is commonly known as L. Mono and much dangerous for infants. If inhaled or digested, causes illness and serious fever. Another dangerous bacteria found is Clostridium botulinum which is formerly known as C. Bot. C. Bot is found in much less number of patients but when infection found leads the infected directly to death.

LA Court has ordered its owners to be watched by FDA. Their facility will be halted until all safety standards are met properly.

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Long Awaited Meningitis B Vaccine to be Offered in Scotland

Scotland health officials has reported that long awaited Meningitis B vaccine will be on board after few weeks. It has been years since public is waiting for immune system defense against this deadly disease. Health Secretary of Scotland Shona said that price is not yet final with vaccine makers.

After price is finalized, Meningitis B vaccine will be included in children immunization program. And every child will be scheduled to take its shot after specific time of birth. And in this way, population will be safe against this worst disease.

Bexsero MenB vaccine is in use of United States but was not provided in Scotland yet. Now authorities have set to launch it under pressure of private firms, families and charities. There are more than 120 kids which gets affected by bacteria of Meningitis B. These bacteria are from meningococcal group B and cause 10 kids to die each year after infection. A recent death of 12 year boy ignited media to boost the demand of its vaccine at priority basis.

Scotland's joint committee for vaccination and immunisation has reassured their support for families about the urgent availability of Meningitis B vaccineBexsero. Meningitis research foundation has appreciated this step of government.

Meningitis head Sue said that babies are more prone this diseae. Although it affects every age group but immune system of babies die quickly when Meningitis bacteria enters body of infants.

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Measles Patient found in Oklahoma State in last two decades

Measles has been hitting United States in various occasions and multiple states. But good news for Oklahoma is that its citizens are safe from it but no more. State Health Department of Oklahoma has reported its first patient of measles in last two decades.

Measles disease is dangerous and takes the patient to death island if not treated properly. When we look back in year 2000, large number of patients of this disease died all over United States. Its a respiratory disease and acts as viral that transfer from one person to next close contacts.

Health officials has not published identification of patient. He is spouse of a State University student and recently was working abroad. May be the infection was transferred to him by travelling and close contact of another patient.

A person when received the doze of virus through any means, does not show symptoms for 15 - 20 days. Slowly virus destroys human immune system and after 21 days severe signs appear. Initial symptoms are running nose, fever, cold eyes, reddish color in eyes and cough. Severe signs are dangerous. Face becomes reddish and red dots and that spreads to whole body in just few days.

Oklahoma officials said that measles is coming back to US from other countries. When their citizens come back from foreign tour. The chance of virus contraction increaes. The bad thing of this virus is no symptoms until three weeks.

US has stated vaccination since year 1997. Vaccination against measles, rubella and mumps is given to children from age 12-15 months. Second doze is given from age 4-6 years. It gives human immune system strong chance to fight measles virus. Those failed to get vaccine has tendency to get virus infections at any age.

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Retinitis Pigmentosa Patients can See Again Using Bionic Eye through Surgery

Blind is a curse and eyesight is blessing. Patients with hereditary disease become blind mostly. Retinitis pigmentosa is form of such diseases. Patients feel their vision blurred and crackled. Images feel distorted and signals does not translate perfectly into objects in mind. Japanese Bionic eye is a perfect surgery solution for such cases.

Receptor of Bionic eye is a woman of age around 72 years. Her name is kept under cover due to privacy issues. Surgery is completed in a Eye Surgical Center of Hawaii. Patient was blind since last two years due to hereditary disease. She is poor and cannot afford the high costs of this eye operations.

Whole operation is overlooked by experts specially Dr. Gregg Kokame. He was there for long four hours surgery of patient. This procedure is patent of Dr. Mark Humayan who is main person to manufacturing Bionic eye. Medication and surgery costs is around $144,000. Medicare foundation paid costs of this operation.

Biotechnology has been main focus of development for betterment of humans. Bionic arms, bionic legs are being developed that work under thoughts of patients. Mechanical arms move when thoughts are sent from mind to it. It was huge development to be able to translate thoughts into movements.

Dr. Mark developed Bionic Eye with a digital camera to work in real time in connected mode with brain. A microchip is inserted that processes signals and transforms from one form to other. A radio transmitter, radio receiver and retinal implant finally. All these parts together help impaired vision to be partially recovered.

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Indian's First HIV Clinic Set to Work from Tuesday

US Indiana region is among main hit regions with HIV virus. Its mostly affected area is Austin. Local authorities has asked CDC and NIH for assistance in controlling epidemic virus from spreading. Federal government has set up first HIV only clinic in Austin.

Dr. William Cooke is asked to open a separate session for HIV patients at his present clinic to accelerate its health progress. So he decided to operate his Foundations Family Medicine for two days a week specially for AIDS and HIV.

Dr. William is feeling residents anger for her promise done in public for assisting AIDS and HIV patients. He said that most of his office appointments are cancelled on Tuesday due to plane crash. Public seems frightened due to this incident.

On Monday William's manager called him that public is gathered outside their clinic and shouting at doctor's steps. They are shouting loud, blaming and cursing the staff and doctors for what they are doing for welfare of HIV.

Willian Cooke has accepted that his decision is not good for business. But when looking at poor population and those dying with HIV virus, decision looks good for welfare of humans. There are more than 71 confirmed HIV patients in Indiana. Nine people are diagnosed with virus at early stages of development. All these 80 patients have one thing in common. They take drug dozes using syringes from one person to another. These drug needles are main source of transfer along with unsafe and unprotected sex.

Government of Indiana has officially launched emergency in Scott County. They requested Center for Disease Control and Prevention to send staff for their doctor's assistance.

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Chinese Vaccine for Ebola Virus Passes Phase One Testing

First ever successful Ebola virus vaccine is developed by Chinese company. It has passed phase one testing in initial trials. Tianjin CanSino and Beijing Institute of Biotechnology has jointly formulated vaccines against Ebola virus. Their joint product is based on Ebola virus which was picked from African Zaire epidemic disease. Virus was named adenovirus type-5.

Chinese firm said that current version of vaccine is much easier to handle and store. It can be transported from one place to another very comfortably using any transportation medium.

Biotechnology scientists have taken 120 volunteers for phase one testing. They all were given doze of various quantity. Some with high doze and other low doze. Experiment was done in Taizhou County of Jiangsu Province.

Scientists have put all those under care. More than 95% with low doze have been proved with successful immune system development against Ebola virus. Those who were given high doze have been proved 100% results for virus protection.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Weight Free Laboratory for Alzheimer's Research on International Space Station

International Space Station has agreed to open a laboratory for research of Alzheimer's in weigh free medium. The mind disease is much worse and one new patient is recorded after every 67 seconds in United States. Alzheimer's has been studied in ground labs but cannot lead to success or treatment.

The major dilemma or hurdle during research is impossibility of stimulating brain. When scientists try to regrow or stimulate protein structures that cause this disease in lab, results are not what expected. The chain of proteins that overlap nerves system in mind does not grow full in lab test.

International Space Station has been requested by researchers to assist and provide medium of weigh free. And all nations who has part in Space Station has agrees including Japan, Russia, UK and France.

SABOL has been launched using a private firm's (SpaceX) rocket to Space Station. SABOL is abbreviated from Self Assembly in Biology and Origin of Life. It's like a tube that will carry out experiments. Its results would be sent back to earth for detailed study.

SABOL is basically taking proteins that cause Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Dan Woodard said that experiment will ensure whether proteins grow in weight free medium. If they do that, we will be able to grasp the root cause of this mind disease. This experiment is much vital to trace origins of deadly mind disease.

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Louisville is Dangerous Place to Live in Allergy Season

Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) has published figures about previous and current year prospected allergy season impact on various areas of United States. Louisville, KY is listed among worst affected area with highest allergy patients due to its climate.

Louisville is famous American city with 1033 square kilometers. Most of the year, its climate is humid with low temperatures. Specially when season changes from winter to summer, weather becomes dangerous with allergies affecting every 5th person of state. Flue, running nose, fever, dust and skin related allergies affect most.

There are more than hundred places in United States which have high ration of allergies. These are common in kids and affect more than 30%. While adults keep little bit safe with infection ratio of 10-30%. Adults feel irritation in nose or reddish appearance. Those people who have asthma feel serious illness.

Common patients having allergy to weather have change to get asthma in early age. Air becomes full with small particles. When we inhale for oxygen, these particles enter human body. Our immune system try to resist hard to keep them away from body. As a result, irritation and allergy signs appear on body in various forms.

Louisville was numbered by AAFA as 4th in year 2014. But current listing got it to number 1. That makes its weather hard to live. Wichita was ranked on first in previous year and now descends down to 2nd in row.

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Legal Marijuana Policy to Mend Way as Electoral Agenda for US Elections 2016

Year 2016 presidential elections of United States would be very different than previous ones. It's agenda would be fight for legal or illegal use of marijuana. More than 13 states has already passed the bill to make it equal to alcohol and allowed medicinal use of it.

Democrats and Republicans seems divided on this issue. Because they were not expecting much serious response from public over marijuana policy. Ohio is still battling under private funded NGOs and New York has recently passed its use in public places as entertainment.

A Republican leader appeared to address annual meeting of CPAC. CPAC stands for Conservative Political Action Conference and values much for presidential elections. It's chairing leads mostly to popularity and elections positive campaign. Republicans were shocked because public asked them most of the questions related to marijuana policy and its legalization issues.

President Barack Obama has already expresses his point of view about passing bill from congress. He says that if enough states remove Marijuana from criminality then Congress will overlook this matter and amend federal laws for drug. Possibility its drug category will be reschedules from Category-I to Category-II. Alcohol is Category-II which makes it viable for medical purpose but with backdrops and side effects.

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Ebola Infection Threat in Los Angeles Santa Barbara County's Citizen

Yesterday a citizen of Santa Barbara County of Los Angeles is transported to special treatment unit of Ebola virus. He is having severe fever, swetting and symptoms related to Ebola infection. He is shifted in emergency to undergo a 21 day special treatment.

Santa Barbara County has started a health administration unit to monitor special cases which come from Ebola infected areas like Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. Susan Kein is in-charge of program and said that patient is only shifted for extra care. Test and treatment will disclose whether he contracted Ebola infection or not.

Susan has not disclosed name of admitting hospital. He has also contacted US Center for Disease Control and Prevention for sending blood samples. The patient will be under extra care until all results or clear. If infection is found then isolated facilities will be used to get rid of Ebola virus disease.

Ebola started from Africa and slowly spread to three nations. Thousands of cases were reported along with instant deaths without any treatment of medicines. It is unique disease which has no cure in medical science. Scientists around the world are trying very hard to make vaccines, drugs and other precautionary treatments which can cure or slow the infection of Ebola.

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Marijuana Drug Becomes Legal in New York City

Marijuana drug policies have taken a upfront in media and public. Many states are changing laws related to this drugs so that it becomes equal to alcohol. New York City Council has now formerly issues a statement and removed it from criminal category.

Council has proposed final changes in legislation related to marijuana use and possession. Now it will be available without any danger of being caught by police. Although state and city authority will get abundance of tax cuts from its sales.

New York City authorities has reformed drug ordinance. The Fairness and Equity Act of Marijuana is now effective all over city's area. Congressmen are working hard to get these policies passed so that they can make good money being in power under legal supervision.

Congressmen Danial Squadron and Robert are head to finalized the constitution amendments. They will draft final paper which will state the pattern to posses and its weight or quantity. These parameters of law are critical and important. Marijuana drugs cannot be allowed to keep in bulk quantities.

New York can follow the way of California authorities. They have allowed the use, selling and buying up to only two ounce. Any citizen can keep one to two ounce.

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Biogen Idec can slow decay in Alzheimer Patients

Biotechs, USA has developed a new medicine for Alzheimer's patients. There is no medicine right now that can stop the spreading of this disease and put mind back to work. Biogen Idec is latest result of mind research by medicine company. It slows the decay of mind and gives little hope to patient.

Biotech is a giant biotechnology company that develops medicines for most complicated diseases. It's main focus is human immune system disorder, neuron system diseases and others that are related mind.

Alzheimer’s disease cannot be treated when it becomes severe. But Biogen Idec is prepared for early states of it. When a new patient is diagnosed by brain imaging with amyloid plaques. This drugs helps cure the patient. It is little hope for drug companies to take it next step for treating existing patients.

Biotechs have released drugs testing and results through presentations in its investors conference. The main focus of conference is Biotech Idec or BIIB037 or Aducanumab. Drugs has proved successful on limited testing. Doctors around the world are expecting a positive response of it but many other large companies have failed in past for coming to result oriented medicine for Alzheimer.

France is conducting international conference on Neurological Disorder, Alzheimer and Parkinson. Complete presentation will be given there before officially launching drug in general market for buyers.

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Seattle's Mayor Wants No Smoking in Parks

Seattle's Mayor Ed Murray has asked its administration to make rules that can prohibit smoking in public areas specially parks and play-land areas. He has been against smoking since beginning and banned it in 25 feet circle of parks. Now he want to ban smoker out of these joy-lands.

Seattle' Board of Park Commissioners is making draft that will be forwarded for approval by administration. Reports has been filed by citizens that kids and families face difficulties to enjoy in parks and joy-lands due to smokers and no limitation on it.

City Municipal Code is official code of conduct for police and citizens to follow. Board of Park Commissioners is an advisory body and its proposals will not be part of official code. It will be simpler to follow and easy to adopt.

Smoking is not good for health. All governments are struggling to control it but failed to do so. On the other side, tobacco companies have lot of money to harass even governments. Bill Gates have started a new fund for government organization to fight legal laws against tobacco companies. A $4 million fund will help small countries to get a moral and financial support from Bill.

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Ebola Patient found in Russia, Admitted in Hospital

After international emergency declared over Ebola virus from WHO, a patient is found infected in Russia also. Ekho Moskvy radio station reported that Sergei Baryshnikov is resident of Kazakh, Almaty. He is 37 years old and came back from Ebola effected area of Guinea.

Sergei Baryshnikov is a business man. He recently visited Guinea for business purpose. When he came back, was feeling diarrhea, fever and flu. When admitted to hospital, all tests confirmed that Ebola virus is contracted during her travel to Guinea.

Russia's health ministry is denying the news of Sergei Baryshnikov. They say that disease is not epidemic and not related to virus of Ebola of Africa. While Ekho Moskvy radio station aired all the news related to incident.

Sergei attended a meeting in Guinea and made communication with more than hundred people. He slept and ate food their with locals. Virus infection is very usual for unsafe persons like him. Russian region is first to get such unique virus infection which only relates to Africa.

After news broke out, all passengers that were on flight of Aeroflot with him are isolated. They all will undergo certain test to confirm them clean.

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Children with Malaria die mostly from Brain Swelling

Malaria is main killer disease for infant almost in every part of world. A new research has proved that children who die with malaria are mostly due to swelling in their brains. Vaccines of it are not much effective and still with much advancement in medical science, mosquitoes still haunt humans.

Malaria is mostly dominant disease in sea shores, river side villages, lake towns and polluted areas. WHO has reported that five lac people have died out of 19.8 crore reported cases worldwide.

Disease is solely spread with biting of mosquito and transfers from one human to other. There has not been any vaccine that can prevent children from it. Or any dose that can strengthen human immune system to resist these mosquito parasites. When a patient is diagnosed, treatment is done to cure it. It can lead to healthy but infants and kids are more prone these parasites.

Africa is first region that grabs any new disease. Cerebral malaria has started from Africa and took thousand lives of children. It is sever form of malaria. When a person or kid catches this parasite, condition can lead to death or coma if he/she lives.

Health statistics of Cerebral malaria cases shows that 15%-25% cases die out of all. In this case if patient lives, situation can lead to disorder of personality like deaf and dull.

Latest research is published in The New England Journal of Medicine shows that 84% kids died from brain swelling. Cerebral malaria directly hits brain and causes it to swell which makes hard for doctors to get any recovery chances.

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Ebola Emergency in Sierra Leone for Controlling Epidemic Disease

Sierra Leone has been main hit of Ebola virus since last year. It costed more than ten thousand lives and 26000 victims with potential infections of virus. National Ebola Response center said that emergency situations are essential to test masses around country. A three day emergency will be effective from next week. It will effect approximately 2.5 million people.

Government of Sierra Leone has implemented emergency situation to lock down a certain area for testing and separating infected people. It proved much helpful. Although these circumstance were highly criticized by opposition parties but assisted much in covering up the epidemic disease.

International community helped much to control Ebola. Boston based volunteers organization has been working since year to assist local health workers. They also caught infections of deadly Ebola and got their workers evacuated. UK was also on front line.

The situation is getting worse. International standards for patients of Sierra Leone and America or Europe has different set of standards. It has become a region of experimenting new vaccines and drugs before putting on shelve.

In last week until March 15, fifty five new patients got registered with positive signs of Ebola. Area lock-down will be effective from March 27 to March 29. Capital of country FreeTown will be part of emergency region along with western side.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Marijuana in California

California is golden state of America. It leads rules and regulations as a leading body which is then followed by other states. It is first state that removed marijuana from Schedule-I to II and allowed its medical use. Patients that doctors recommend to use this drug are given special cards. Farmer and authorized shops see those cards and sell.

State has allowed a limited quantity to grow for medical purpose only. And sale is also up to two ounce per person. Although marijuana weed or smoking directly infects brain structures memory areas, so its use is limited. But question remain whether it would be preferred over alcohol or not.

Drug Policy Alliance and MPP are pushing drug favoring groups to draft policy for next ballots. Many drafts rejected over controversial use of words by state attorney. Lawyers are hopeful that if California is set as an example, the road ahead will become much easier to build.

Marijuana Policy Project formerly known as MPP is giving much time to California state legislation. MPP representative Tvert says that alcohol and marijuana are common among teens. Police focuses and courts punishes teens for only using or having these drugs. While their money goes to black market grabbing more serious crimes. MPP revised polices can lead police to focus on other serious matters.

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Marijuana Sales give $15 Million Legal Tax Money to Public Schools

US States has been working to remove criminal aspects of marijuana laws from constitution. If that is not possible then bring down its drug category from I to Schedule-II. The bold aspect of all these campaigns is to bring the drug sales under taxation. Colorado's education department has published figures that marijuana tax $15 million is received for construction of schools.

State of Colorado has allowed retailing of marijuana in year 2013. First retail point was opened on 1st January, 2014. In one year, it has given tax of $15.6 million. This tax money is given to BEST grant program. BEST stands for Building Excellent Schools Today. It's director has confirmed that funds are received.

State officials are quiet happy on positive response from public and bring drug money under tax. Previously all drugs were sold underground or in black market. Their money rotates through various channels and nothing comes to state. The worst aspect of it was that black money gives birth to certain crimes that takes society under its money.

BEST program director said that tax money from marijuana sales added ten times the fund. The last highest funding was $195,318 and now it turns to $2 million in only one year.

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Lizzie Velasquez Stands against Bullying on YouTube

Lizzie Velasquez saw her videos on YouTube and was really shocked. She saw that people call her the most ugly woman on earth. The comments on her video were really disheartening. Lizzie wept for hours but at the end gathered her spirit and started a YouTube channel of her own. She took a bold stand against her comments and pushed bullying back to borders. Now she is famous author, bold speaker and interesting character around globe.

Lizzie Velasquez is unique when she took birth. Her body was carrying a syndrome by birth whose presence prohibits body to gain weight. She is also blind from one eye and limited vision by other. In her young age, she look lot more different than common humans. Many call her alien and started bullying.

Velasquez is facing disease which has no cure in medical science. She is having syndrome which is not common in humans. She is the one from two humans on entire earth who have such disease. Her immune system is much weak and prone to many viral diseases and bacteria. Her weight is only 64 pounds since her birth.

Lizzie's YouTube channel got much traffic. It has given motivation to many weak character on earth. A group was so inspired that they launched a campaign to make movie on her life. A movie making requires a budget so platform of KickStarter was adopted for it. And they have much bigger collection than approximations.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tuberculosis is Rising in Europe and Leading to SuperBug Infections

World Health Organization has launched a warning for Europe for increasing cases of Tuberculosis. According to report, daily 1000 people get Tuberculosis which is very high in developed countries. WHO collaborated with European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). It enlightens that disease will continue to spread until next century.

WHO representative Zsuzsanna Jakab said that tuberculosis (TB) with drug resistance capability is dominant in Europe. As we see history, TB is found in third world countries where health facilities are obsolete or old fashioned. But when we see here in modern world, 1000 daily infection is really alarming and extensive measure should be taken.

Multi-Drug Resistant TB or formerly known as MDR-TB is viral around world. It has taken more lives than African epidemic disease. More than 15 lac people died because of it in year 2013. Europe has population of more than 90 crore. Half of these inhabitants live in EU economic zone. If 1000 TB cases are reported daily. It mean monthly figure would be 30,000 and annually 360,000.

ECDC spokesman Marc Sprenger said that right now it is under control through vaccination but annually it helps decline up to 6%. It is not enough and more money and effort should be put in to stop rising curve of TB. The capability of bacteria to resist drugs of TB is more alarming than common disease. Anti drug resistance bacteria lead patient to death in many cases.

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Measles may follow Ebola in Africa

Currently Ebola has taken more than 10,000 lives of Africans. Their three main nations Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone are main among hit regions of this epidemic disease. It took lives of health workers from local and international volunteers also.

A health research is recently published by scientists that Ebola has created a gap of health workers and it is dangerous in upcoming days. Many children are missing vaccinations of measles that is alarming situation. The disease perception of this area's population is much prone to viral infection.

Researchers from John Hopkins, Princeton University, Bloomberg school of health and National Institute of Health (NIH) participated in it. They have published approximate number of cases to be hit by measles. According to research, 127,000 to 227,000 people will be affected by measles. Death ratios would be higher than Ebola virus and can be 2000 to above 16000 in Africa.

WHO have organized campaign to raise level of immunity to epidemic disease through vaccination in Africa. It proved helpful and rate of deaths decrease dramatically by 50% in a decade. It's stunning long process to develop human immune system against diseases. WHO assisted from year 2000 to 2010.

Although measles has been worst disease but internationally vaccination helped a lot. It's reported cases dropped from above 5 lac to only a lac.

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President Barack Obama can Favor Marijuana if Many States Pass Legislation

American President Barack Obama has finally broke words related marijuana, weed and cannabis smoking. He said that federal laws will stay intact on marijuana making it illegal until many states change legislation. Although it is not more dangerous than alcohol but Congress will wait until states gives their votes in favor or not.

Obama gave interview to Shane Smith on Monday. He expressed that current laws on criminality of marijuana are not perfect. But congress can take action to change them if more state dis-criminalize it.

US Senator Cory Booker has put up a bill in congress to revisit drugs category for cannabis and marijuana use. It is currently in Schedule-I category. According to this, it is prohibited and very dangerous to use. And to possess it is a serious jail-able crime. Booker's bill asked to change this category to Schedule-II which will reset it as dangerous but with medical values and benefits.

Around 19 US States have passed the bill and dis-criminalized marijuana. They partially allowed its agriculture, possession and selling but limited to one to two ounce only. While Ohio is take one step ahead and may allow drug to be used in public as does for alcohol.

Twenty three states have not revisited its laws and stays with federal laws. It the favoring number of states marijuana exceeds, then federal laws will be reset to Schedule-II drug category.

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Marijuana is Good or Alcohol

Marijuana is either form is not good for health. It has proved over many published researches that brain is directly affected from it. It's chemical compounds affects brain structures and causes minute changes in certain parts which are responsible for image identification.

Scientists have proved that prostate and other few cancer types are more common in people who smoke marijuana. Specially young and adults are more prone to such diseases specially related to brain. Psychosis phenomenon is also jotted down. Students who take it regularly have very bad academic results compared to others.

Marijuana is illegal in most of United States and United Kingdom. It is a serious crime as compared to alcohol. Although a recent legislation is done in US Congress about medicine use of Marijuana and its agriculture under certain limitations.

US National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence has said that crimes due to use of alcohol are about 40%. Most of the rape cases reported are linked with alcohol use. Killings and other extremist activities are about 27%.

A Pediatrician is worried about this question. Whether he should propose Marijuana or Alcohol for young adults or parents. Both have worse side effects but if it is necessary to choose one. Then here comes dilemma. Pediatrics have various researches about alcohol disorders. Most common reports state that regular or normal use is not bad. If it takes person to abuse, then same instance can happen for cannabis related drugs also.

It is preferable to use alcohol over marijuana in my personnel observation. This is based on facts of crimes which are reported by US federal and private firms for alcohol disorders.

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Boston Based NGO's Health Workers to Evacuate Sierra Leone for Ebola Infections

United States Boston based non-profit organization is working in Sierra Leone to assist in Ebola virus control. It has been in operation since a year. It's one volunteer has already got infection through close contact with patients. And he is shifted back to US via a chartered plane. All 10 others are now coming back because of fear for Ebola infections.

Ten workers will reach today. Four of them has already arrived in Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha. They are not having any infection signs but will be kept under observation in ultra-care treatment units. Other six will arrive in Atlanta and Bethesda, Maryland today via an isolated flight. They travel will not be through public flight as a safety precaution.

Health NGO has not given final statement about total evacuation. They said that around 2000 foreigners are working inside Sierra Leone. More than 600 local persons are assisting them. Until now mass infection is not noted but safety precautions are essential.

UK and USA governments are funding the operation cleanup of Ebola. There are more than 10,000 reported deaths in three African nations, according to statistics of WHO. Epidemic disease is somehow under control but still no sign complete control. Medications are also not final and drug companies are still testing vaccines and drugs if they work or not.

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

UK Police Captured £84 Million Cannabis Drugs Smuggling

United Kingdom police has launched a secret mission to track drugs being imported via any means. They tracked a truck coming from Scotland. Truck was loaded with ceramic tiles and wood flooring. Worth of these cannabis drugs is more than £84 million.

Police caught two front faces of drug smuggling Steven McDonald and John Wright. Who is behind the face of these guys is still under investigation. Drugs undertaken are 33 tonnes and enough to feed every single UK citizen two times.

Drugs captured are of class B. They are smuggled using fake export and import companies. Warehouse in London is rented on a passport of baby born boy who died. It is a long stunning process. General orders are put for laminated floors and tiles from companies in Scotland. And then imported material is unlocked to get huge quantity of Marijuana Cannabis.

Smuggling of £84 million shackled floors of Britain justice system. Convicted persons are jailed and executed with punishment two times higher than judicial system allows. Extra punishment is given because the 33 tonne weight of Cannabis is so serious crime and 140 times extra than whole history of reported crimes.

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Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds?

United States have recently allowed Marijuana to be cultivated for medicine purposes. It was under strict ban and now congress has allowed its agricultural part. But now interested person have issued in acquiring its seeds. Northwest D.C has arranged two events for buying seeds of Marijuana.

Northwest D.C has arranged first event on March 26 at Absinthe Bar Libertine. The other event on March 28th at head office of seed campaign. People who want to buy can register themselves online or by visiting event place. Many people are showing interest and 340 have registered.

Northwest D.C cabinet have passed a bill related to use of Marijuana. Under this bill every national is allowed to keep 2 ounces. They can also grow it in their private facility but selling is only limited to one ounce. These are privileges but still if you sale in public then it is a critical offense.

Seed exchange campaign is started by Adam Eiginger. He is the one who took up bill to cabinet and gathered support to get it pass. Adam said that registrations are open but preference will be given to those who want to sell or exchange.

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World's First Successful Penis Transplant in South Africa

University of Stellenbosch, South Africa conducted first successful penis transplant in history of world. The news broke out like fire as it is a miracle. Patient is 21 years old from Cape Town, which was having severe disease. His penis got troubled and can lead to severe circumstances even death.

South African professor Andre Van Der Merwe conducted operation along with his team of doctors. And planted first natural penis. It was developed from flesh of a male donor. Name of patient and donor are kept secret due to privacy reasons.

Professor Andre Van continued operation for more than nine hours. And successfully made history and did transplant. Penis of unknown man will be fully functional to perform all functions including intercourse after two years. Previously a similar attempt was done but failed. Sources told that nine more patients have registered for their penis transplant also.

Chinese doctors did a penis surgery in year 2005. It was claimed to be good. But doctors removed the penis of man after 15 days due to issue in nerve system. Patient and wife were not satisfied and facing severe sexual problems.

South African's get the penis circumcised like muslims did. But due to improper care and unsafe methods, boys get life time problems with their sexual organs. Andre said that approximately 250 or more boys face such problems each year.

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Cannabis Can Lead to Brain Abnormalities in Teen and Adults

Cannabis is listed among Marijuana drugs. It's chemical compound hallucinogen effects brain of young and teen adults quickly. It can lead to short or long term memory loss along with other brain abnormalities. US FDA has already warned parents to keep their children away from Cannabis and its bi-products.

Scientists from Northwestern University has examined 97 volunteers. Person were a mix of healthy and mentally ill. Researchers team monitored closely these kids for more than a month. It included young teen from 16-17 which are using Cannabis or Marijuana regularly.

Hippocampus is famous journal related to drug free world. It published these records. Reports shows that more than 18% participants faced long term memory loss. Drug's chemical directly effects hippocampus. It is brain part which is responsible to stores long term memory.

Dr. John Csernansky enlightened more on brain structures. He said that daily doze of cannabis effects brain's routine parts which assist in day to day tasks. It also affects relationships because mental disturbance create a pattern which make hard to identify close relationships.

Memory loss is more severe for schizophrenia patients. Research showed that loss of memory chance is 26% high for schizophrenia. The bad news for United States is that the use of Cannabis and Marijuana is legalized in District of Columbia, Washington DC and 23 other states. While Iowa is still fighting to limit its use for medicine purpose only.

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What is Marijuana?

Marijuana is not a drug itself. It is word used to describe multiple drug related items. Mainly it refers to dried leafs and flowers of hemp plant. Similar form of flowers is named variously in different cultures. For example, people call it bhang, ganja, weed, dope, dagga and hemp.

Marijuana related drugs are hashish and cannabis. Both are extracted from hemp plants. The similarity in all these is a chemical which directly effects mind's perception on living things and visual distortion. This chemical compound is known as hallucinogen.

Hallucinogen chemical is also named as THC. The strength of bi-products of Marijuana is measures with THC percentage. It is made using ratio of dried seeds, flowers and leaves. Final products are usually brown, gray or green.

United States is a bigger market for drugs. Marijuana is being used by more than 14.4 million alone in USA. It is used in various forms. Mainly it is taken in cigerrate replacing tobacco with brewed powder or dried seeds. Sometimes pipe is also used to enjoy it. Teen have much more inclination towards such easily available hallucinogen related drugs.

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Iowa Leader urges Senate Legislation on Cannabis Oil and Marijuana

Leader of Iowa Bob Vander has asked international community to allow limited cultivation of Cannabis for medicine purpose. It has proved that oil made from this herb or drug have impressive results for patients. Cannabis has other bi-products like cannabidiol and CBD. CDB is used in medicine science to treat neurological disorders. Doctors have tried it on many other diseases and worked successfully.

Drugs have always been a social dilemma. We are fighting drugs violence since beginning. In new era, scientists are encouraging its medicinal and safe use. United States have mostly banned its agriculture and even limited use. Large number of states have followed these steps. While on the other hand IOWA has allowed limited cultivation if it is done for medicine purpose under government license. A bill is waiting in senate of Iowa for approval under title "Medical Marijuana Legislation".

Vander stated that Iowa state has capacity to stop Marijuana illegal use. He said that local companies have infrastructure to grow and create bi-products for industrial use. Cannabis oil was allowed to produce in year 2014 under governor permission. But after senate legislation, it would be legal to give shelf availability of cannabis or Marijuana bi-products.

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NIH Expecting US Health Worker in its Clinical Center

US National Institute of Health is expecting an American healthcare worker in its Clinical Center after being diagnosed with Ebola virus. US citizen was working in Sierra Leone as volunteer and during the treatment caught infection. Ebola virus infects other through physical contact or close contact. Yesterday a similar case was reported for UK worker which was transported to UK earlier this day.

NIH has highly isolated treatment facility for such epidemic diseases. And it is one of those few center in whole United States which have latest state of art medical equipment for treatment and research. Sierra Leone epidemic disease has taken more than 10,000 lives and still continues to take more. While the total approximate number of reported cases are more than 24,100 until now.

Previously a doctor was found with Ebola virus and now this is second case in USA. Patient will be shifted to US via a chartered plane from Sierra Leone. NIH officials have claimed that very high level of standards are set to keep workers free of catching virus. But due to close contact, there always lies a possibility of infection.

USA NIH Clinical Center is highly appreciated for treatment of epidemic disasters. It is under guidance of experts from all related fields such as virologists, epidemic disease experts and doctors from genetics. Facility is highly guarded and kept under strict observation and away from general public and unconcerned staff.

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Alcohol in Powder Form get US Approval for Sale

For the first time in history, USA has approved sale of Alcohol in powder form. Drug and Alcohol products are monitored under federal authority of Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTTB). It passed the product for availability on shelf as general trade item.

Currently it is made by one company only under brand name Palcohol. Market is giving response in low and high tones. Ohio law firms are planning to raise voice against it and apply to ban the product in this state. Let us see if they succeed.

Palcohol product is approved for sale. TTTB official Tom Hogue has stated that it is safe to drink if made under standard procedure. Powdered alcohol comes in four flavors. If we mix that in water, the result is same as alcohol drink.

Ohio state has already started the legislation for this new product. It has been voted yes in assembly and now waiting approval in Senate Agriculture Committee. Palcohol will get senate approval also as its chairman Cliff seems in favor of it.

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UK Military Health Worker Transported from Sierra Leone after getting Ebola Virus

A military health worker of United Kingdom is infected with Ebola virus while working in Sierra Leone. Officials were very much worried and arranged a transport using C-17 plane. Infected patient is female and transported along with two close friends as a safety precaution.

UK has deployed around 700 military and health workers in Sierra Leone to assist local population in controlling epidemic disease Ebola. Virus infection was reason of working close to patients and there is a chance of getting infected just like USA doctor got it recently.

Health worker will be shifted to Royal Hospital in London for extensive care. A official statement is issued by Public Health England to clarify that general population is not at risk. UK's Minister of Military Mark Francois, said that safety procedures are set for treating Ebola. But a close layer is always present of danger.

Sierra Leone has been hit with highest number of cases reported. There are around 24,000 infected persons. And among them 10,000 has died recently and figure continues to grow. Dr. Jenny Harries stated that chance of recovery for UK patient is very high when admitted to Royal Hospital.

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