Saturday, February 28, 2015

Leprosy Outbreak in Florida, 3 new Cases Reported

Leprosy has been much under control in United States. But since October 2014, three new cases are reported in Volusia County of Florida. A disease commonly known as Hansen's disease causes disfigurement of various parts in patient. Its sysmptoms start from problems in respiratory system and slowly builds inside more vilant. Leprosy affected patients have shapes much more outfigured.

Leprosy has roots to very ancient times. Generally before modern science diagnosed it as a mere disease with problem in genetic DNA, was considered as a wrath of god for people's sins. Figures that are deshaped cannot be treated. It's only way is to find the disease before final sysmtoms appear to get medical treatment.

US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) normally get around 100 leprosy cases in a year from its southern region. Most of them are residents of Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas.

The worst issue of this defect and disease that it transfers from one to other through cough or body contact. In case a person is infected with leprosy, he should be kept away from others to keep it under control from spreading.

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Ebola Drug ZMapp in Trial Phase in Liberia

United States and Liberian government has started trial of Ebola drug ZMapp. It was previously used in peak times of deadly Ebola virus and helped rescue teams to keep away from infection. National Institute of Allergy and Infectios Diseases's director Dr. Anthony Fauci said that although medicine is beneficial for this virus but to make sure, clinical trial is important.

Dr. Anthony is enthusiastic to make ZMapp as proper treatment for Ebola virus. So that current and future patient can be treated at Liberian treatment centers with local staff. Clinical trial is divided in two phases and voluntary patients are admitted. One will be given ZMapp in treatment and other not. Both will be examined by medicine experts to get statistics that will help determine future course of drug.

US FDA is also in favor of this trial. Although many are against it but officials see it the only way to get a better treatment option. ZMapp is manufactured from monoclonal antibodies. These antibodies will attach to Ebola virus. There is possibility that these will make pathogen ineffective. Monoclonal antibodies grow in tobacco plants and made under researcher's team of Mapp Biopharmaceutical Inc. of San Diego - USA.

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Dr. John Allen proves Superbug Existence since 1987

According to recent interview of Dr. John Allen by CNN, the presence of superbug is not new and present since year 1987. See for how many decades USA Food and Drug Administration Authority is sleeping with pills on this case. Doctor said that a patient came to his office and reported symptoms. He got it tested and check from all angles and came to know that scenario is exactly same as SuperBug bacteria deaths in UCLA.

Dr. John Allen tried to find the source of these disease transmitters. After days struggle, they got the source which is none other than duodenoscope. It is used to see internal organs of human to trace down various gastric problems. Doctor is itself a gastroenterologist and uses device regularly.

FDA and CDC have proposed new instructions to clean duodenoscopes. Federal authority proposes that instead of cleaning manual of manufacturer, doctors should do that manually. Specially the transmitting and bacteria carrying points like bottom which routes down the throat of patient.

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CDC Investigating Digestive Disorder Bacteria C. Difficile for Presence in Doctors Room

American Center for Disease Control and Prevention has heard few cases of infection from bacteria c. difficile. The scenario is little different than other patients. Each one of them who got infected had recently visited a doctor or dentist. CDC is putting an investigation team to find the facts of deadly digestive disorder bacteria c. difficile for its presence in doctors office or room.

Human's digestive system normally is home to above 1000 bacteria types. They assist in dissolving food and helps system to work smoothly. On the other side, when their rhythm is in disorder due to any reason. Then safe and helpful bacteria grows in anger and releases toxins which cause Diarrhea, attack internal lining of person's intestine. This condition is called colitis. It is rare but now a days main reason of Diarrhea in United States.

Scientists has also studied same topic in year 2013 in Ohio. They found these sticking bacteria live in patient chair and table of doctor in many clinics. CDC is worried that every 6 patients have C. Diff out of 7 diarrhea victims. Last year more than 5 lac people suffered from it and 15,000 died. According to CEO official Dr. Cliff McDonald, situation is alarming and need to given urgent attention.

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Ebola Victim US Dr Spencer Criticises Media and Politicians

Ebola has been main cause of deaths in African countries Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. USA and Europe took part financially and on ground to cater the disease and help humanity. Dr. Spencer was part of team working under NGO "Doctors without Borders" traveled to Guinea and took part in treatment, diagnosis and isolation of Ebola victims.

United States media houses criticized Dr. Spencer for moving in public without any safety precautions. They labeled him as Ebola victim who can endanger many innocent lives. Doctor cleared all those blames on him after he is fully cured in an article published in "New England Journal of Medicine".

Doctor took media with iron hands. He wrote that Ebola is a critical disease and politicians should concentrate their time to teach general public about symptoms and precautions. Instead they struggled hard to track me down the hole. That seems very unethical. Now as I am cured and can answer them back in a better way.

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Sanofi new Insulin Toujeo waiting US Patent Approval

French Drug maker Sanofi is getting high hopes from new CEO Olivier Brandicourt. A new insulin Toujeo is expected a fair approval from USA FDA and may soon get US Patent and copyrights. Company has lost much sales volume after losing its patent on Lantus insulin.

Olivier is struggling new ways to boosts sales volume. He is launching campaign to get doctors prescribe new Toujeo. On the other side also coordinating with insuring companies to undertake new rules for patients.

New Chief Executive of company has previously worked with Bayer AG's Health Care and Pfizer. He was discharged due to unknown reasons. Few comment that his lack of control and management is main reason for 59 year old CEO.

Lantus is Sanofi leading diabetes control insulin and took company to second largest selling position after Novo Nordisk A/S. Recent research study of market capital by EvaluatePharma showed that Diabetes market is more than $38 billion a year. And is largest among all other disease's drug sale.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Peanut Allergy Reduction with Early Age Peanut Eating

UK's New England Journal of Medicine conducted a study on children in early ages. They have come to a very interesting finding that those kids which eat peanuts in early days are not getting allergies when getting younger. Small doze in any form helps immune system to recognize and develop internal system to resist any side effects on skin.

Journel study said that 70% to 80% children become risk free for parents. Now England parents are instructed to take baby and introduce to peanuts with minor doze. Scientists started experimenting on kids from age 2 and make two groups. One with introduction to peanuts and other not. When they are 5 years old, a practical peanut allergy test is conducted to obsere response. Dramitically 13% got allergy from peanut which were not given its dosez. And only 3% from other group got allergic.

Human immune system needs time to learn new micro-bodies in blood and develop antibodies for it. It works just like vaccines. When a new born is injected with polio or other vaccine, it contains dead viruses or bacteria of that disease. Child's immune system learn to fight them and help make his/her future safe. The above method may also be adopted for other food allergy items.

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UK Medical Research Coucil Advises Use of HIV Drugs for Gay Men

According to new study by UK Medical Research Council along with Public Health England, gay men are at more risk of getting HIV infections. They are more prone to unprotected intercourse with other gay men. More probably they discard the use of condoms and so becomes to more vulnerable to AIDS virus.

Medical Council conducted study on 545 people in London. Study proved that one person can be saved from HIV if daily drugs doze is given. Although present cost of medicine is high. A private NGO UK National AIDS Trust has asked individuals to contact for free medication. NGO will bear the costs itself for those who cannot afford 360 UK Pounds monthly. CEO of NHS said that only 19 men's protection from AIDS over lifetime costs more than 7 million UK pounds.

NHS is considering to launch a free condom campaign just like New York local government does every year. These are the reason of protection from HIV for millions of people every year. BBC team has interviewed a Canadian gay who was part of volunteers out of 545. He said that HIV is major possibility during same sexual relations for men. So monogamous relationship is very challenging and prone to viral diseases.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Llama shows Immunity to HIV, AIDS

Researchers from Harvard Medical School, Argentina's Center for Animal Virology and University College of London has verified that South American goat like animal is immune to deadly HIV and AIDS. They injected a healthy llama with HIV. After few days, scientists were shocked that more than 95% of AIDS virus were dead.

Llama is found in South America. It is mainly used as a main meat source and luggage transportation in high mountains. It's strong when transporting luggage at high altitudes. It's age is merely 15-25 years and so beautiful with its fluffs.

When a human is infected with HIV, body maked antibodies but they do not neautralzie deadly viruses. On the other side, this animal body's antibodies produced against new injection, kills more than 95%. Researchers are trying to understand the pattern.

Successful study of HIV strains and Llama antibodies can lead to the cure of Human Immunodeficiency Virus or AIDS. A possibility of vaccine lies ahead along with treatment of existing patients.

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British Commission Reports Superbug Bacterial can Million Lives

According to a study of British Commission on SuperBug bacteria infection and its impact on human race is very alarming. Drug resistance cases reported in year 2014 were 0.7 million and up to year 2050, it can raise to 10 million.

CNN reporter break the story sounding a very high number of deaths are expected from this drug resistance bacteria. It carries with it malaria and other deadly viruses. And drug is given to patient, bacteria respond to antibiotics and make the drug ineffective rather dangerous to immune system.

Cancer deaths each year are around 8.2 million. If we look into future, drug resistance SuperBug bacteria would surpass cancer deaths. Investment to control the disease will be very higher. A fare approximate is around $100 trillion US dollars till 2050. Current US, UK and Europe spending on its control are $70 trillion dollars.

In US, doctors when over prescribe a medicine antiobio-6. It becomes dangerous to immune system and favors the antibiotic resistance bacteria. British commission on SuperBug said that antimicrobial resistance can take lives of more than 317,000 North Americans, 390,000 Europeans, 392,000 South Americans, 4,150,000 Africans and 4,730,000 Asians. It is not only impacting developed countries but very very dangerous for poor and struggling nations of Africa and Asia.

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Congressman urges to call on FDA House Committe for Superbug Bacteria Control and Reforms

After major incident in UCLA and two died of infection from superbug bacteria. These are transferred from medical instruments specially endoscope while doing treatment. The major issue is reusing those instruments. US Congressmen Ted Lieu and Dr. Calif has written a letter to house committee for investigation into matter of superbug control.

Ted Lieu urged the team of House Committee upon seriousness of matter. Obama has also made it a high risk and priority to stop spreading these microbes from patient to patient and find a cure that can work on superbug bacterial disease.

FDA and Center for Disease Control & Prevention has been working together with UCLA Medical Center to give extensive care to infected patients. CDC also warned that total number of 179 patients are at risk until a cure is found. National Institute of Health has raised more than $5 million funding to Denver for finding a solution to this dilemma.

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Monday, February 23, 2015

FDA Warns with Peanut Allergy to Avoid use of Cumin

A famous ground spice cumin is used everywhere in cooking. United States FDA has issued a warning for person with peanut allergy to avoid use of products or spices with cumin. Food and Drug Administration has found particles of peanut in ground cumin in various forms.

FDA alarmed retailer to move products containing cumin from their shelves. As peanut allergy patients if eat by mistake, it will be life threat for them. Specific food item allergy can affect specially children as they are less caring what to eat and what to avoid.

A Boston pediatric doctor Michael Pistiner said that parents should take utmost care for their children. Because FDA said that allergy items can be life threatening also if not cared properly.

US private research firm, Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE) has studying groups to see ratio of allergies related to food in Americans. They found that among 13, one is sensitive to specific food. A very helpful research for all us is the list of items than count around 90% allergies in food. They are tree nuts, milk, eggs, wheat, soy, fish, shellfish and peanuts.

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Ebola Virus Fear catches North Korea Marathon

North Korea has banned international tourists from coming to their country due to fear of Ebola Virus since October of 2014. Although country is safe and no victim is found infected with Ebola. Country hosts marathon on every 12th April.

Pyongyang marathon has been popular to international tourists, athletes and reporters. But this year, only local nationals will be allowed to take part in it. A Chinese travel company has posted on its website that North Korea will not allow foreigner in marathon. Its subsidiary company in NK also mentioned same.

In year 2014, 200 foreign athletes took part in Pyongyang marathon. Race was 10.5Km long. Chinese take major part in its neighbor country but this year alone will be on long road.

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USA Homeland Security Rejects Possiblity of Ebola as Bioterrorism

USA Homeland Security representative Jeh Johnson said that Ebola virus is very deadly. And there is no confusion in that. But its possibility to be tried in weapon for masses to infect by terrorists is zero percent. It's mechanism is very complicated and high technical expertise is required. Ebola Virus does not spread quickly and promptly so its rate of infection is slow. These factors does not give attraction to terrorists.

From King's College London, Dr Filippa Lentzos also reiterated same. He said ISIS (Islamic State) or Al-Qaida lacks the expertise to handle Ebola virus. If they try it, they will be affected at first stage. Filippa confirms that one person affected from it, will lead to two or three more in close vacinity. And process will continue to grown. If proper sanitation practice would be adopted, possibility of bio-terrorism becomes even less. More developed countries like UK, France, Greece, Italy and other Europe nations would face much less threat.

Ebola infection only transfers from one person when its symptoms are clearly seen. There is only one way left. Get infected, travel to USA or Europe, infect others and come back. This does not seem functional because patients cannot travel.

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Ebola Threat as Bio-Weapon

United Kingdom military research institute is given task to track down the possibility of deadly Ebola virus as bio-weapon. Military center in Porton Down, UK studied different prospects and given a final report that is leaked under "Free Access to Information Act".

Researcher's team finalized a secret document mentioning that Ebola virus is very tough to take down as a mass infection weapon. UK is worried about ISIS and AL-Qaida that their team can gain access to such viruses to attack Europe. Doctors at Porton said that virus cannot be moved from one place to other without heavy technical equipment and expertise which those terrorist organization does not have. On the other side, Ebola does not spread quickly as so is less charming for bioterrorism.

Africa is major hit of Ebola. Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea face most number of death. Almost more than 9000 deaths are reported with this disease. One case is reported in USA and Mali.

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

US NIH Grants 5$ Million to Denver Health Center Colorado

A serious medical science outbreak at issue of superbug bacteria alarmed all major US health institutes. National Institute of Health has approved a 5 year grant of worth 5$ million US for research on superbug and its cure. It's urgent to get a cure because if it spreads, victim will surely die because microbes of bacterial infection resists drug and antibiotics.

UCLA medical center is under pressure from boy who has recently decided to sue the medical instument maker or hospital. But CDC comments that it is new finding and manufacturer has no intention. New measure have been set under authority of FDA (Federal Drug Administration) to clean reuseable medical instruments properly.

NIH has asked the Denver health medical center to research a fast testing mechanism from a blood sample of superbug infected patient. They also directed their intention towards CRE (carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae) to examine drug or antibiotic's response. Denver has developed a new mechanism in medical science known as Accelerate Diagnostics. In this method harmful bacteria is grown intentionally in lab for 2-3 days. After that a proper testing a carried out for every possible type.

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WHO approved 15 minutes Ebola Test

According to BBC news, World Health Organization has approved a rapid Ebola test. Formerly it is known as ReEBOV antigen test. Although it is not that much accurate but quick and better for out of laboratory testing. It is fast enough that 92% accuracy can be achieved in merely 15 minutes without electricity.

Small field testing device is manufactured by Corgenix. WHO team has done trial testing in Africa. Although it cannot be compared to traditional lab test but astonishingly 92% results were accurate. Regular laboratory testing requires 12-24 hours. Blood sample is diagnosed genetically for Ebola fractions. ReEBOV does same. It also examines blood in small scale to particles of virus.

WHO official said that new 15 minutes rapid antigen test is ideal for remote villages and mobile vans. 128 more cases are reported this week in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. Antigen test will help to create isolation for Ebola virus carriers and victims.

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      Saturday, February 21, 2015

      Superbug Infected Boy to Sue UCLA Endoscope Manufacture

      Recent progress on treatment of superbug is very slow because all drugs given to patient does not affect. Because the antibiotic resistant ability of superbug virus keep patient on bay of death. Eighteen year old boy is too frustrated and will sue the manufacturer of endoscope being used in UCLA.

      Superbug Bacteria
      University of California - Los Angeles is taking extreme care of living seven infected cases. CDC also working to find a cure or drug that bacteria will not resist and keep infection under control.

      According to UCLA, 179 patients are treated with the bacterial transmitting medical equipment. CDC also warned that all those can be carrying microbes of bacteria which can later on result in same disease. Kevin Boyle is attorney of boy. He is planning to file a case against Olympus. It is not sure whether his patient will live or not. Because two has already died of this bacterial superbug infection.

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      Ticks Bitten Man Got A New Virus Disease - Bourbon Virus

      According to CDC reports, a man in Bourbon is bitten by ticks. He take it common and never got medication. After few days, he found sick and consulted doctor. Doctors sent his blood sample to USA Center for Disease Control and Prevention for examination. Official at CDC said that a unique virus is detected in his blood sample which was never known. As initial tests they call it Bourbon virus.

      Man was working in usual routine and never noticed ticks moving around. A male tick take a fresh bite and that was begging of new disease even known to medical science. Researchers said that virus is from a family thogotoviruses. It is commonly found in Africa, Asia and Europe.
      Newly discovered Bourbon Virus (Credits: CDC)
      Patient got little nausea in beginning. Then it tuned to weakness, diarrhea, body temperature increase, severe chills and then fever. He is becoming serious day by day because there is no treatment for this virus. Erin Staples from CDC said that patient is treated with possible antibiotics to treat fever but still no results. Now he is admitted in University of Kansas's Medical Center.

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      Boys Suffers from Superbug Bacteria in Los Angeles

      Seven boys were infected with superbug bacteria in Los Angeles hospital. Under study of researchers by University of California, they found to be infected by hot antibacterial resistant bacteria. One of them is 18 old boy and seems very severe in intensive care unit.

      Attorney of boy said that type of bacteria is carbapenem-resistant anti-bacterias. Series of them were transfered during endoscopies in LosAngeles Ronald Regan Medical hospital. CDC officials warned all 179 patients who were gone under endoscopies about possible infection of superbug bacteria.

      Duodenoscope procedure is done for treatment of bile duct and pancreatic. A endoscope is put down the throat of patient and taken down to check body parts. The same device is used after germ cleaning on various patients. When taken from one patient and inserted to other, it carried with it small microbes that carry anti-bacterial infection (superbug).

      USA CDC has introduced new duodenoscope manufacturing standards and urged FDA to keep a keen eye. Untill now only 7 were found infected but possible number can grow to 159 or more.

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      Duodenoscopes Approved to Stop Superbug Transmission

      USA Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have finalized a new improved protocol for medical intruments or devices that are able to reuse. This protocol is call duodenoscopes. CDC official said that duodenoscopes are causing transmission of antomicrobes since 2013 famously known as superbug bacteria.

      According to Reuter, A researches team at University of California confirmed that two people have died due to antibiotic resistant bacterial transfer from one patient to other through duodenoscopes. It was like alarming condition in Los Angeles. US health organization took notice and started to build measure to further stop its spread.

      Duodenoscope standards are finalized. But they are optional and set under control of USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA). FDA can require manufacturers to implement these procedures for local and import. It has authority to discard devices if found contradictory to laws.

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      Friday, February 20, 2015

      USA CDC will Inject Ebola Vaccine to 6000 Cases in Sierra Leone

      According to CDC officials, Ebola vaccine will be injected to 6000 more people after cheers from international community with a slight control on deadly Ebola virus. Target people will be doctors, nurses, field workers of NGOs and others nearby to extensive care centers.

      Ebola virus hit hard in Sierra-Leon but international organizations soon captured the dilemma. UK-AID, US-AID, CDC and private firms from Japan took first initiative measures to take it under control. It was major hit to 11000 people and 3400 dies soon with epidemic disease.

      Japanese scientists first developed drug that was tested in Guinea. But it was not so fruitful. Later Canadian and American scientists related to company "New Link Genetics" under the umbrella of Merck, worked out on Ebola vaccine. Merck's team took VSC (Vesicular Stomatitis Virus) from animal that is used to carry Ebola virus in human body. It does not harm body, but assists human immune system to identify them and prepare for defense against Ebola.

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      Thursday, February 19, 2015

      Trios Offers Free Cervical and Breast Cancer Tests

      According to Trios press release, a free appointment based checkup of Breast Cancer and CervicalCancer (Cervical Cancer) is offered jointly by Trios Health and Tri-Cities Cancer Center. All checkups are strictly under prior appointment. The address is Trios Center, Vista Field at 521N, Young Street, Kennewick. Date of tests is Friday March 13, 2015 at Trios Cancer Center. Timings are 1:00pm to 4:00pm.

      Appointment conditions are mentioned below;
      Females from age 21 to 64 can book in whether they are insured or not.

      Patient will be given free checkup for breast cancer, cervical cancer. An additional Pap Test i.e; HPV will also be done if required.

      Call for booking at (509) 737-3420 if you live in Kennewick - United States of America.

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      US Discovers New Medicine to Stop HIV AIDS

      US scientists have been working since long to discover a pattern of drugs to affect the HIV in beginning. They have little bit succeeded. New medicine made promises to stop the HIV AIDS before getting serious. It is tested on HIV Simian virus on monkeys. Simian is much similar to human version of virus.

      According to ABC news, US scientists injected the drug in monkeys. It worked for 34 weeks and kept the AIDS virus at bay. Micro-genetics have finally got a real HIV breakthrough. They have been successful in forming a molecule that closely adheres to AIDS virus and stops it. Professor Tony Kelleher from Kirby Institute says that our struggle got some fruits finally.

      Professor Tony was working with other friends. Professor Michael Farzan from Scripps Research Institute in Florida is working with Tony. Their approach was different than scientists working since 30 years on HIV. And got a serious breakthrough.

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      Wednesday, February 18, 2015

      Vital Progress on Stopping Alzheimer's Disease

      According to medicalnewstoday, Swedish and UK scientists have found a vital molecule to Alzheimer's Disease. It attaches to brain proteins which are not working properly and stops them to create bad protein clusters in brain. This molecule can lead to progression of building medicines that can treat Alzheimer's Disease.

      Alzheimer's Disease is formerly known as AD. Just like other non-treatable diseases, it is also a dilemma. People affected with the disease feel progress very slowly. Its symptoms appear with short term memory loss, forgetting past events. As it advances, patient becomes more prone to mental illness leading to death.

      A member of researchers team Dr. Samuel Cohen said that finally we are expecting fruits of extensive work. Since long their team is working at Cambridge-UK to study microscopic view of Alzheimer's Disease. Protein building in brain is only one condition. This research is not a final cure but only a first step towards finding other possibilities. Brain is such a sensitive and complicated organism that scientists are still unable to pinpoint exact nerve processes.

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      Ebola to be under control in 6 Months in Africa

      According to UN, Ebola crisis in Africa will be under control in six months. After many good news from Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, finally scientists are expecting the epidemic disease under control. Ebola virus turned out to be very deadly. Taken more than 9000 lives around three countries in Africa.

      Guinea has approved a Japanese made anti ebola drug as initial stage treatment. But it was not so fruitful. While UK and US companies are struggling day and night to find a cure. UK has asked its worked to quit Sierra Leone due to threat of infection.

      International organization like UKAID, USAID and WHO are collaborating together in Africa for rapid control of virus. All incoming and outgoing civil air transports were fully banned to stop its spread outside their borders. Now WHO is considering to take deep breath and start seeing other perspectives of virus.

      A lot of funding is required for continuing the campaign. Fund crisis is also up ahead. While in-competencies are noted in spending disease control money in Liberia. Donor countries are also taking back step due to these factors.

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      Tuesday, February 17, 2015

      Liberian Schools Reopen after Six Months and Little Ebola Relief

      According to nbcnews, Liberian people are feeling little bit relief after so much tense situation. Deadly Ebola is little bit under control. Affected patients are isolated from main stream and kept in treatment centers. Schools are opened on Monday after six months shutdown.

      People are Liberia are happy to come back in study rooms. Many teen pregnancies are noticed due to long holidays. Virus of Ebola is in control while month ago, average 100 new cases are being reported every week. Around 3800 people have died recently.

      Ebola virus tramits with physical contact from person to person. Government of Liberia is taking precaution to stop the disease. Federal deputy education minister Remes has issued 5000+ kits to schools. These included hand wash with chlorine, sanitation and thermometers.

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      Strong HIV is Found in Cuba

      According to fox news, a new HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is found in Cuba. It is more dangerous than regular virus and affects patient more rapidly. New HIV causes symptoms appear before patient can diagnose it and converts to deadly AIDS.

      Scientists say that this chain of virus is made from automatic combination of different types of HIV combined together. When a person makes intercourse with different people who are infected with AIDS. Person catches HIV from all. And they form together, a new strong chain is resulted which is more dangerous than all previously known viruses.

      Let me give you idea of regular HIV. When it makes its way to human body, attaches to protein cells on membranes. Scientists call is CCR5 stage. Later it becomes CXCR4 and then AIDS. While in new case, virus converts to CXCR4 more rapidly than previous scenario.

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      Saturday, February 14, 2015

      Live Ebola Virus in Dead Body

      According to NIH findings confirmed the ambiguity about life span of deadly Ebola virus after patient dies. Scientists experimented on dead corpses and come up with 7 days confirmed life of virus. RNA cells seem to last much longer and keep eating dead body till 70 long days.

      Researchers alarmed the burial team of RedCross, NGOs and all charity organization about precautionary steps. Proper sanitary practices to be adopted while dead Ebola patients are taken care to bury. Dead tissues have live virus on surface for 7 days. And internal organs contain for 3 days.

      International community is taking serious measures to stop spreading epidemic disease out of infected countries. UK has put ban on Sierra Leone for international flights to and from its airports. This area is very highly infected.

      Ebola response director Sisay said that authorities are struggling hard to clear main urban area. Aberdeen is being scrutinized and about to be cleared in 21 days. After quarantining the area, it would be opened for international flights.

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      Ebola Facility of Red Cross Attacked in Guinea

      According to Reuters, general public attacked an Ebola treatment facility today (Saturday 14th February, 2015). Red Cross is facing such turmoils 2-3 times a week due to mistrust. A Guinean government official yesterday gave a statement that instead of curing, their team is involved in infecting a school of children with deadly Ebola virus.

      Red Cross team was working in Ebola center along with a local charity organization Medecins Sans Frontieres. Incident happened around 400Km from Guinea Capital Conakry. A vehicle of NGO is set to ashes as result of anger among citizens.

      Guinea is third largest country with Ebola reported cases and virus is spreading more rapidly than Sierra Leone. Virus has taken more than 2000 lives of patients out of 3000 and yet goes on. Infections increase daily and WHO reported that in last two weeks, it has doubled. Villagers also targeted burial team. It is dangerous as recent research showed that dead body contains live Ebola virus for 7 days.

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      Free Condoms by NYC at Valentine Day

      According to ABC News, New York City which is formerly known as NYC is offering free condoms starting from valentine days. They have chosen places like sex museum or other  visiting places for free giveaways. The team is organizing campaign to curb the expansion of HIV AIDS virus from person to person. Slogan is "Be Sexy, Be Sexy".

      Free Condoms
      Such campaigns have been part of plan to stop HIV AIDS expansion in the past also. It was started in year 1971. Later on under government favor and funding, distributed more than 37 million condoms. Condoms are helpful to stop disease transmission. They also help pre-teen pregnancy.

      New York City officials are much worried about Sexual Diseases transmission. They are trying to find a way vaccinate it out or drops like polio to stop it from birth. But all these methods are still not useful. So the easy way it to discard it by wearing condoms.

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      Ebola Transfers from Death Patient

      Deadly Ebola virus can transfer from a dead animal or human to living. Virus can remain alive for seven days in dead body. Researcher did a little experiment to verify. They took a sample from Ebola infected dead monkey and tested in lab. They were shocked that virus remain alive for seven days. Another RNA virus also detected that remain alive for 70 days after death.

      National Institute of Heath (NIH) reported that extreme care should be taken even after a patient dies with Ebola. A sub body of NIH, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases tried the same experiment on dead African patients. They took samples of 5 and done lab testing to prove that monkey test is accurate. And their tests were also positive.

      NIH team verified that live Ebola Virus remains for 3 days in dead tissues and 7 days on surface. Viral RNA also occupies the body to fill its appetite for more than 70 days. These new findings alarm that handling for deceased bodies and animal should be done with extreme care.

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      US Approves Genetically Modifies Apples

      Okanagan Specialty Fruits has developed a genetic method to modify natural apple's genes. Genetically modified apple can be grown to full trees and taken production from it regularly just like nature does. But a gene is suppressed which causes fruit to go rusty and become brown upon slicing or cutting.

      Genetically modified fruits are taking market slowly and will create a monopoly of multinational enterprises. Another company (J.R. Simplot Company) got such approval from US Agricultural Department for modified Potato.

      Genetically Modified Apple
      When coming to world fruit market, a largest Apple packer in Asia "Rice Fruit Company" said that gen modified crops will affect export. Many countries have ban on gen modifications and will affect sales of fruit companies.

      In USA, such arctic apples will be available soon at store in golden and granny smith varieties. Okanagan's president Neal Carter said that brownish feature of Apples cause lot of discarding and wastage. Now sliced apples will be attract consumer and food companies more easily. It will also keep intact the slogan "Apple a day, Keeps the doctor away". If you slice the apples, it does not gets brownish feel for eight long hours.

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      Friday, February 13, 2015

      Ebola Death worldwide till 9 February, 2015

      According to World Health Organization (WHO) 9209 patients have died from Ebola Virus. These states counts from Ebola outbreak to February 9, 2015. WHO has included all certain deaths including confirmed, reported and suspected.

      WHO figures describe that Ebola Virus mainly hit three countries. Liberia is severly affected and have very high rate of deaths. There has been 3826 people died. Sierra Leone comes at second with 3350 patients died. Guinea also facing fast expension of virus and untill now 2018 death cases reported.

      Eight (8) dies in Nigeria, one in Mali and One in United States of America. Liberian government is urging internation community to move faster to cater this devastating disease.

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      Wednesday, February 11, 2015

      UK DFID Slow on Ebola

      UK's DFID (Department for International Development) is facing strong criticism for its slow response to Ebola cases reported. Public Accounts Committe took it with iron hands. DFID is spending more than 230 pounds on Ebola outbreak but results are unstatisfactory.

      Chairperson of PA Committee Margaret Hodge said that Ebola condition should be contained within Sierra Leon at least. But reponse is not adequate. On the other side, restriction of taking flights to Sierra Leon is banned by UK. While international bodies declining it as merely political step.

      Reported Ebola cases are more than 17,000. Only 6000 are reported in year 2014. It is getting more severe than we perceive. Among reported cases, 57% surely died while there is still no cure. Guinea has officially approved use of a Japanese Anti-Ebola medicine but only as a trial.

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      Tuesday, February 10, 2015

      Eight Signs of Death

      Researchers of University of Texas recently published their report in HealthDay about last 8 signs of death. Dr. Hui along with their team worked on 350 patients in two cancer treatment centers. One is located in America and other in Brazil. Most of those are about to die stages or admitted in Palliative Care Units (PCU). PCU treat those who are declared non-treatable.

      Doctors closely monitored those PCU patients. During the research 57 were died. At the end of study, they finalized eight signs or conditions that can determine imminent death. These eight signs can be seen among cancer or non-cancer patients. These are mentioned below;

      1. Unable to close eyelids
      2. Unable to react to visualization or stimulation
      3. Declining response to sound and words
      4. Unable to recognize faces
      5. Eye pupils does not move
      6. Neck extends more to back than usual
      7. Vocal card grunts
      8. Upper digestive tract bleeds

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      Monday, February 9, 2015

      Ebola causes 9000 Deaths in Year 2014

      Although Ebola is newly diagnosed disease. Still it is not properly treated because of less research and unavailability of medicines. It causes 9000 deaths in year 2014. The origin where it was first reported was Guinea. Initially 3000 patients has been recorded with Ebola virus. And out of these 1900 died in few days leaving no chance of treatment.

      France is close ally of Guinea and taking personnel interest in disease control. French Ebola expert Jean Francois is operating from within Guinea alongside their government officials.

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      Guinea Approves Ebola Drug

      According to voicechronicles, the government of Guinea has passed a medicine for Ebola. It was prepared by the Japanese scientists and is not final. Ebola is spreading widely across three most affected areas of Africa as Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

      Government official of Guinea for Ebola said that reported cases has been doubled in a week instead of all measures taken. Special treatment centers for this disease has been established separately from hospitals. Japanese anti Ebola drug is approved and made available on these established centers.

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      Saturday, February 7, 2015

      African American HIV Patients Death Ratio Declines

      According to CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) report, the death ratio for African American HIV patients dropped by 28% during year 2008 to 2012. It is little bit satisfactory for black people.

      CDC states that black american still die 1.5 times more than white Americans. Black population is only 12% of USA. HIV addicted patients are 44% among total number of cases reported. Those who die are 48% of total reported patients.

      Government of USA stated campaign in last years to create awareness of AIDS testing. Specially they encouraged black people. And after their result was declared positive. They were given long term treatment and care on government expense. This was major reason for reduction in death rations.

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      Friday, February 6, 2015

      How to Check HIV on iPhone or Android?

      Researchers of Columbia University has revolutionized the testing mechanism of HIV testing. They have created a dongle that can be attached with any smartphone running Apple iOS or Google Android. It costs only $34.

      HIV testing dongle costs much less as compared to $18,000 testing and touch process. HIV dongle uses ELISA pattern to check for antibodies in patient along with treponemal antibodies and its infection. ELISA stands for Enzyme Linked Immuneossorbent Assay.

      HIV testing becomes lot easier just like diabetes testing. Just prick the finger of patient. Get the blood and place on plastic collector of device. Then launch its related smartphone application and press the testing button to start the testing process. Dongle releases reagents to start bio test.

      Columbia University team has started its beta testing in African country Rwanda. Initially it was tested on 96 patients. Mostly it was working fine but there are some errors. It identified few which were not carrying antibodies of HIV. It will be improved soon and patients would be able to check their HIV status at their own.

      [Image Credits: Columbia University Team]

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      USA FDA Commissioner Resigned and Stephen Ostroff Took Charge

      According to Daily Herald, United States health regulatory body is in crisis of management now a days and Dr. Margaret Hamburg resigner today without mentioning any speciol reason. The new chief scientist Stephen Ostroff took charge as acting commissioner.

      Dr. Margaret Hamburg
      Dr. Margaret Hamburg was nominated by President Barack Obama in year 2009 to this post. She was too good in introducing new regulations to the vaccination process. She also implemented new system to the tobacco regulation system.