Friday, April 17, 2015

New Lung Cancer Drug AstraZeneca Proved Successful for Delaying Disease

A new cancer drug for lung is introduced in European Lung Cancer Conference. It was conducted in Geneva where many other companies presented drugs for various diseases related cancer. AstraZeneca was proved successful over all other drugs for treating or simply delaying the disease for over an year.

Lung Cancer deaths are rising in United States over last years research statistics. US Health Department issued funds last year of more than $118 billion for research into Lung Cancer treatment. AstraZeneca showed various drugs but were a severe failure for company. At the same time, these funding was also at stake and Pfizer applied to take funds for carrying out drug research instead of the above mentioned company.

AstraZeneca has launched its products after United States rejected its patents of Iressa for legality issues. AZD9291 is a recent competitor of this drug. AZD9291 was prepared using Clovis Oncology using genetic mutation technology.

Company is based in London and works mainly on drugs related to Cancer diseases. Its stocks were seen a rise in value for more than 34% over few days after injection of new lung cancer drug in its stock.

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Save Yourself from Suicide with SAMHSA's Free Mobile Application

Substance and Mental Health Services Administration that is formerly known as SAMHSA has launched a free application to assist mentally disturbed individuals get free treatment. The application is free for health service providers and people who are at high risk of mental disturbance.

The application can be used by all who are addicted to alcohol or feeling severe life issues and get rid of their life to resolve issues. App gives free access to resources and treatment centers on one click for urgent services and most importantly at priority basis for free.

App by SAMHSA is known as SAFE-T card. You can also pronounce it as Suicide Assessment Five Step Evaluation and Triage. It can downloaded from official store of SAMHSA using this url ( It can be used on smartphones & tablets for both Google Android and Apple iOS.

Suicide has been worst hit in United States for deaths. It is 10th main reason of deaths. Alaska and American Indians are more prone to such disorders of life. Study shows that people who die committing suicide contacted nearest health care center for treatment or psychological issue. Around 45% people tried health services and 20% tries mental treatment.

Officials from SAMHSA said that it is a disease that can be cured with apt knowlege and timely treatment. So the app will act as a primary source or early AID for such disturbed people. They are hopeful that such steps would lower the number of lives wasted every year specially adults.

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