Friday, April 1, 2016

Bionic Pic of £70,000 of Abad is now functional with Rose

Muhammad Abad is aged 44 years now. He married without letting her partner know about the actual state of his penis. That was dangerous because when her married wife came to know on the night of honeymoon. Abad was embarrassed to tell the bitter truth of her life. Anyway the marriage was passed on for few years with this state.

Muhammad Abad finally contacted a firm to get plantation of bionic to get his life back on track. His skin was taken from left arm along with nerves. The bionic penis was designed and planted on Abad with a button in testicles so that it erects on call from boss.

Although Mr. Abad cannot forget the Fartown accident of year 1978 in which his penis was ripped off. But after around 100 operations of his 8 inch bionic penis, the end result is that he can go to washroom and enjoy sex. The secret behind all this operation is a hidden button under his testicles. When he presses the button, penis is filled with mass from stomatch. And upon other press like a toggle on and off, the liquid is released back. The end result is happiness for Abad and his prostitue partner Charlet Rose.

The cost of all 100 operations is more than 70,000 British Pounds. But finally he got something good to show in bed for intercourse or sex.

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