Thursday, November 23, 2017

Side effects of insulin injections for type 2 diabetes

For diabetic patient insulin works as a life for break down food into energy that is needed for survival. Diabetic pt is most likely to use insulin in his/her ways or doctors have prescribed them. But they also passing through side effects of insulin that I will describe here. People with type 2 diabetes can make their insulin, but it’s not enough to maintain their blood glucose level. We can treat type 2 diabetes with medication that boosts cells in the pancreas to make insulin and help the body in maintaining metabolism level. Insulin administration in type 2 diabetic pt can cause severe side effects that I will explain to educate those people who are suffering in diabetes type 2 levels are as follows:

Somehow, is it an Addiction?

This question is like a fiction that once you start using it you can’t stop it in your life and you become dependent on it throughout your life. You will feel slow and drowsy in your routine. It won’t let you become active, fit and healthy.


Hypoglycemia is the most common side effect in using insulin treatment. In type 2 diabetes this symptom may occur if you are administering Insulin. It happens because your pancreas is already making insulin but you are still using insulin to break down metabolism. Metabolism breaks down very fast and then the result occurs in the form of headache.

Allergic symptoms

This is another side effect of taking insulin in type 2 diabetes. Because our body is using enough insulin but we inject more quantity of insulin then the symptom may occur in allergic form. Allergic reaction is very irritating for diabetic patient to prevent this symptom we should consult with medical doctors, consultant for help to get rid from this problem. They will advice another medication to prevent from allergic reaction due to insulin.

Flu like symptom

In type 2 diabetes the person using insulin may feel flu like symptoms that is very disgusting for patient to deal with this problem. It’s serious form is called anaphylaxis. If you are taking regular insulin you can feel these symptoms. You should consult with your doctor who has prescribed you insulin to prevent from major side effects.

Weight gain

This is more occurring symptoms can be seen in type 2 diabetes patients. They are become fatty and bulky due to not doing exercise and feeling of lethargy and weakness anytime due to using insulin. To take better result patient must follow the doctor’s advice in which proper diet plan and exercise are include?


This is another symptom that can be seen in type 2 diabetic patients due to using insulin. To prevent from this symptoms patient must consult with their doctors. Rashes also may occur.
When taking insulin try to avoid infections by using disposable needles and syringes and sterilizing any reusable equipment.

Do not ignore Diabetes by using Insulin

In a large study it is proven that some patients who use insulin start ignoring their own health and lifestyle also diet. According to Andrew Karter, PhD stated that type 2 diabetes is not progressive illness, it means that over time the body makes less and less insulin. But people without diabetes produce less insulin as they go in middle age.

Insulin Is Trouble for Type 2 diabetic Patients

People who are using insulin have more complication that type 1 people like heart rate, eye, and kidney disease. Karter stated that people who take insulin have high rates of complication than those who are on medications. After stop using it insulin leave with its side effects that serious to handle.therefore doctors prescribe insulin for those who have trouble in getting blood glucose to target which can prevent complications not cause them.

Injections is like self Harm

Insulin is subcutaneous. This can be only administering under the skin. Some people may feel discomfort while injecting. To prevent from this pain today needless are very short and thin making injections less painful. In this concern the patient should talk to their doctors about testing a needle during a visit. You may be satisfied with it after.


Hypokalemia may occur because insulin stimulates movement of potassium from blood into cells. Combining insulin with potassium-lowering drugs may increase the risk of hypokalemia.

Hepatic Problem

This is another that can be seen in type 2 diabetic patient is effecting liver. This impairment may reduce the insulin requirement.

Kidney Problem

By using insulin this disease may occur due to this dysfunction may reduce the insulin requirement.

Stress and anxiety

These symptoms may also occur in the form of anxiety, stress and emotional disturbances theses problematic conditions may alter the requirement of insulin at the time.

Intravenous administration

Intravenous administration may increase the risk of hypoglycemia and hypokalemia. There are varieties of insulin that can be use in type 2 diabetes. Human insulin production and regular insulin are made by combination of DNA technology. Common side effects of insulin include hypoglycemia, headache, weight gain, rashes and itching, flu, reaction of injections etc.effects; side effects must be reviewed after using insulin treatment to prevent from also taking expert advice time to time. It is very important to normalize your routine, diet plan and exercise routine. This may leave positive effects on patient health.

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