Thursday, April 5, 2018

Synthetic pots leave people with severe bleeding from nose and gums

Synthetic cannabis is synonymous with synthetic pot, K2 spice, and fake Weed. The product has not been legalized but it is still being sold in different convenience stores, gas stations with “a label” not for the human consumption.

In past few days, more than seventy cases in Chicago and central Illinois has been witnessed, out of two have died and nine have positive reports for brodifacoum. While brodifacoum is a drug which acts as a powerful anticoagulant. It is primarily exploited to kill the rats and works by thinning the blood.  Health officials have warned people to refrain themselves from using the synthetic cannabis if they have any reaction, they should immediately call on 911 to get the instant medical aid.

All nine victims are now been hospitalized, due to the uncontrollable bleeding. They bleed while urinating, coughing. Blood secretes even more severely from their nose and gums. State officials are striving hard to identify the cannabinoid product that is somehow relatable to those 70 cases. Although the major concern is to discover the reason that what was the source of these products. See list of top heart transplant centers in world.
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Causes of illness are still being investigated:

There are many questions that have been rising about the illness. The officials are still unenlightened that what actually caused such contamination in the drug.
Toxicologist and investigators are continuously evaluating the scenario; they find it such a major outbreak that has effected in the large magnitude of the area. Melaney Arnold, who is a spokeswoman for the Illinois Department has said that we are investigating the situation through the varied perspectives all across the states and city to know the real cause. See well searched list of best liver cancer hospital in the world.

Alfred Aleguas who is managing director of the Flordia poison information center confessed that brodifacoum works similar to the warfarin that acts as an agent to thinning the blood. Warfarin Is employed in medicine to cure patients that at high risk the of blood clotting. He further added that Brodifacoum works as superior warfarin that has been used as a rat killing, and in poison control centers and laboratories, it serves as self-inflicted poisoning.

Brodifacoum and its treatment

Brodifacoum or more likely rat poison causes extreme bleeding, the poison prohibits how Vitamin K works naturally it can lead to the hypoprothrombinemia,_a bleeding disorder where a person has impaired blood clotting, that causes excessive bleeding. Read details about hepatocellular carcinoma symptoms. 
The IDPH said people with hypoprothrombinemia will rush for the early treatment as it plays a vital role in saving their lives. Health officials are warning the health stores that patients may come with the filled prescription of vitamin k. Therefore pharmacists are warning people with over-the-counter supplements, as these are not sufficient to treat the hypoprothrombinemia.
But the only way to come down the intensity of the disease is to use a high dose of vitamin K.
Cara Smith, spokesperson of Cook County Sheriff’s Office has said that if you use the synthetic drug, then you are actually playing Russian roulette to yourself, it's that severe.
Synthetic marijuana cases are escalated, public health officials are attempting to dissuade individuals against drug usage.
There is a statewide ban on the particular formula of marijuana, but manufacturers are not resisting and molding the formula to sidestep the law, in order to get their product sold. You should also read symptoms of liver cancer in females.
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What is Fake Weed

Fake weeds are man-made chemicals, which are often marketed as a substitute for marijuana. Actually, these are more dangerous than the cannabis and impact your brain in various ways. The synthetic marijuana had many issues that were previously linked to seizures, and kidney failure, but bleeding from the different organs is a current outbreak.  The most common symptoms are bleeding from nose and gums, sometimes from the urine and stool as well. To cop up with the irregular bleeding, a person generally takes vitamin K supplements for a couple of weeks.

What are some health side-effects of synthetic marijuana?

The side effects of synthetic marijuana are endless. According to the CDC, the effect of the fake week will include
  • ·         Irritability
  • ·         Confusion
  • ·         Dizziness
  • ·         Sleepiness
  • ·         Stroke
  • ·         Seizure
  • ·         Psychosis
  • ·         Kidney failure
  • ·         Heart attack
  • ·         Inability to concentration
  • ·         Incoordination
  • ·         Death

The side effects are mainly dependent upon the various factors like the type of synthetic marijuana person injected, duration of the use. The long-haul side effects are still unpredictable said

Adolescent are at high risk

Teenagers are more likely to expose with the outbreak, synthetic cannabis are easily digestible, and is odorless cannot be easily identified via urine test. The investigation is at its urge to know the origin behind the outbreak that has severely impacted with more than 50 people.
It's more dangerous as the formula to make it is still unknown. Some theories and observations have been put forward but they are still in process.
Some of the ingredients will be more poisonous, and some will be less intense. Therefore its symptoms can vary, which are customarily unpredictable and can be life threatening too.
Dr, Shah said these fake weeds are unsafe and added more while interviewing for the sun news:
“They can contain a variety of chemicals, and users often don’t know what those are, such as rat poison.”

Synthetic marijuana is itself harmful in its own way and can be still dangerous when not contaminated with poison. Synthetic cannabis looks similar to the marijuana, but some artificial sprays are sprinkled into it.
It makes it more life-threatening and a person will have the chemicals inside the body when it is smoked, inhaled via E-cigarettes. Synthetic pot is not a precise description of the product said Mr. Dr. Michael Baumann, who is the chief designer Drug Research Unit of National Institute on Drug Abuse. Its appearance is similar to the pot, but these are basically plants that have been sprayed with man-made biochemical that work to bind the cannabinoid receptors and exert their function to the brain.
He further said that:
"It’s usually the same kind of thing where we have a localized area where a lot of people become sickened by a product similar to what you are seeing in Chicago," he told BuzzFeed News. "What’s unique about these Chicago incidents is the bleeding issue so that makes this particular episode unique."

Why physicians are freaking out about the fake weed

It is not the first time when the united state has seen the outbreak of health issues that are tied to the Fake weeds. In a previous year more than 102 people from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania overdosed with the synthetic marijuana, and none of them was in a catastrophic stage.  In 2016 almost 33 people got ill due to the overdosed on synthetic pot.
The condition got worse between 2010-2015 where more than 456 patients were treated due to the synthetic cannabinoid intoxications. As per one study of synthetic cannabinoid, it is 85% potent as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) a material that is present in marijuana and acts as a mind-altering agent.
Bleeding complications are uncertain, he said we don’t know the recent supply of fake weed in Chicago and central areas of Illinois has been tainted by the brodifacoum, or rat poison, or it’s a potentially new side effect that from now-onwards will be associated with the cannabis.

Wrapping up the article

Synthetic cannabinoids are highly addictive material, but awareness can reduce the chance of young people from trying it. Synthetic marijuana was first seen in Germany 10 years back, but a recent outbreak had freaked out the doctors, and health institution as the symptoms are awful. The sufferers are facing excessive bleeding from the nose and gums. The synthetic pot left more than 70 people to have the Brodifacoum or rat poison, and chances for the number escalation are also possible.