Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Stem Cell Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction, Restoring the Sexual Capability of Men

A good news regarding the treatment of erectile dysfunction is around the corner. Scientist are quite confident to obsolete the Viagra like drugs in future. Instead they will use an injection containing stem cells to cure the problem. Before considering the methodology first let us find what basically erectile dysfunction is and what is the effect of Viagra?
What is Erectile Dysfunction?
Erectile dysfunction is basically the inability to gain or maintain erection during a sexual act. There can be various reasons behind it. Erection is a complex process of physical and physiological combinations. Therefore both physical or physiological defects can lead to an inability to get erection. Various reasons involved are cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, trauma, neurological problems as well as hormonal imbalance. Sometimes relationship issues or lack of interest can also be the underlying psychological causes. Now see how a 132-pound ovarian tumor removed from Connecticut woman.
What is the mechanism of action of Viagra?
Viagra is the other name for sildenafil drug. It is introduced by Pfizer Company. Viagra serves as an inhibitor of PDE5 enzyme. PDE5 enzyme acts on a chemical responsible for blood supply to the smooth muscles of penis. Therefore Viagra increases the blood flow to the penis and causes the erection to be maintained. See how a massage scheduling app Soothe attracts $31 million.
Things other than Viagra:
Erection is very important for a healthy sexual relationship. A huge population of men are not having a satisfactory relation due to this problem. Viagra and other drugs of its class are known to be wonder pills for men. They provide a relief from this disorder but it is only timely. You have to take the pill every time before you are planning to have sex.
There can be a few more solutions other than Viagra. Life style change can bring a great change in the sexual health. Proper and regular exercise, quitting smoking and alcohol, can help reduce the symptoms.
Another important treatment is consulting a psychologist for proper guidance. He may help you to overcome the issues related to your sex relation.
Many men also use vacuum pump devices to control erectile dysfunction.
New research regarding erectile dysfunction treatment:
Researchers from are striving to alleviate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction by using stem cells. They are claiming to replace Viagra and other Viagra like drugs by a permanent solution.
In a study conducted by researchers from Denmark, they have improved the function of penis while injecting 20 million stem cells directly into the base of penis. As the erection depends mainly on nerves and blood vessels, this treatment revitalizes these vessels and nerves and helps to improve the erection. Viagra and certain other drugs do not have any effect on physical appearance of penis but this treatment will also enlarge the size of penis. The claim has been reported in The Sunday Times.
Prostate gland removal also has an effect on the male reproductive system. Removal of the gland causes an alteration in hormones ,  therefore causes the organ to get smaller afterwards. This research is also focussing to help these prostate cancer patients making the penis normal even after removal of the gland.
This research is giving hope to many men all round the world who are struggling with erectile dysfunction. According to a study by  Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, around 30 million men are affected by it only in United States. Other factors like age, Disease, emotion distress and psychological problems can aggravate the disorder. What are weight loss benefit of Ramadan.
Clinical trials results:
So far, not many but eight men have undergone the treatment in the first trial.  A separate study is also conducted on a group of 70 people. The results are still pending for 12 of these participants of the study receiving the injections.
The methodology involved was removing the fat cells from the abdominal cavity of these men, therefore scientists identify the appropriate stem cells and then injected these cells directly to the base of the sex organ. The team is quite hopeful that this stem cell therapy could be quite useful for those men also who are suffering erectile dysfunction due to a physical health condition or survivor of a trauma.
The director of the Danish Center for Regenerative medicine, Professor Soren Sheikh is all set to present the results to the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology in Barcelona, Spain  at the meeting in the month of July. But it has been added by Professor that these are quite early days and there is a long way to go, even after the trials are successful. He says in an interview to  The Sunday Times.
Conclusively if this research is going to be approved and established as a proper treatment this will be a landmark in the field of medicine as the erectile dysfunction is prevailing in the men population day by day resulting from unhealthy and stressed life style of modern days.