Thursday, June 7, 2018

Depression is prevailing at an increased rate than past in United States; A recent study

Depression is becoming a prevalent problem in our society. Irrespective of age, ethnic distribution and culture, depression is making life of people difficult. United States is also one of the major sufferers of depression. The problem is on a continuous rise in America.
There are no specific reasons of depression in the United States just like other first and third world countries.

What can be the reasons behind depression?
A quick look at the recently collected data has shown an increase in the diagnosis of depression. This may lead to a perception that a series of some horrible events have dragged millions of humans into the depressive state of mind.
A recent perspective is given regarding the people belonging to different political associations that may be election is the major reason behind this wave of depression. But the fact is that most of the data is from before 2016 so elections cannot consider being the only reason behind the problem.
Another evaluation is also there which suggests that actually the problem is not about increasing number of depression cases in United States. The phenomenon is that the people suffering from depression are same in number as they were years ago. The change is that people are now seeking medical help for this problem and that is the reason behind increased diagnosis of depression cases. See how a massage scheduling app Soothe attracts $31 million.
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A statistical data by insurance company:
A report is released by Health insurance Company named BlueCross BlueShield on Thursday, May 10. The report states that according to analysis by a study performed on the 41 million people who are its clients, there is a clear increase of 33% in 2016 as compared to 2013. While it is also observed that women are suffering more than twice as compared to men when comes to the diagnosis of depression. The 33% increase is equal in men and women over the past three year’s analysis. What are weight loss benefit of Ramadan.

However there are few differences in the age groups when it comes to the prevalence of depression and its diagnosis. The analysis of insurance company BCBS has particularly showed a steep increase in diagnosis of depression in younger adults. An alarming rise of 63% increase in depression cases is noted in adults aged among 12- 17 years. Similarly a rise of 47% is noted in young people aged 18 – 34 years from 2013 to 2016.

There are also few other recent reports endorsing these analytical findings. In 2017 a study is submitted including a survey results. The survey conducted on more than 607,500 people gives results that depression has increased in the US from 2005 to 2015.
While the research conducted in 2016 solely focus on the adolescents giving a sharp increase in depression during the same period.  This is of a larger trend. Depression has been showing an increase in the US since the 1930’s. Read list of drug and alcohol treatment centers in Florida

Steve Hyman’s findings:
The director of the Stanley Center for Psychiatric research, Steve Hyman considers it as a good sign. According to one of his emails he says that he is doubtful about an increase in the cases of the depression. Rather it is about an increase in the recognition of the symptoms of the mental illness.
In 2016, general practitioner belonging to the US Preventive Service Task Force, implement universal depression screenings for all those above the age of 12. The screening is performed on even those adults who do not consider themselves under depression. It is therefore obvious that more number of people is undergoing the depression evaluation today than in the past. This thing might have an impact on the increased rate of depression, according to Hymen. Now see how a 132-pound ovarian tumor removed from Connecticut woman.

Depression is not related to common man only:
Depression is not an issue which is associated with only a common man. No, many celebrities have open up about the depression and mental health issues.
Indeed, few very well known names including Bruce Springsteen, Lady Gaga, Mayim Bialik and Jon Hamm have been publically speaking about their depression and mental health problems. This thing is breaking the taboo about depression that it is something to be ashamed of.
There is still a stigma present in the society about depression. But it is a positive thing that famous people share their problems with masses so people watching or reading about them compare their symptoms and health conditions to them and seek for help.

Steps to be taken:
Despite increasing rates of diagnosis of depression in the United States, several aspects regarding the illness have not changed much. The diagnosis techniques have not been improved and treatment is also the same over the previous years.
As said by Hymen the data given by BlueCross is a positive sign and it suggests that maximum number of people is now likely to get proper treatment of the depression. He also added that it’s nothing to celebrate for in this report.

It is the right time to show concern about the high rates of depression. As more and more individuals open up and try to confront their depression along with help of health professionals to recognise the needs of treatment. In their patient an increased demand of health treatmentwill grow.
This demand will drive policy makers to recognize the need of hour and help the society to alleviate mental health by providing better facilities instead of isolating these patients.

Well it is also of utmost importance to look into the root causes of depression in order to prevent it rather than just finding ways to treat it.