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Conversion Disorder and its Treatment

Conversion disorder is specifically functional neurological symptom disorder and hysterical neurosis. It is said that this disorder has underlying issues of psychological problems but not depends on medical reasons. It is one of the most interestingly neurological disorders affected mostly in women than men. Historically, it is diagnosed in the world war. There were two disorders diagnose during war hysteria and conversion disorder. Interestingly this disorder came in the category of somatoform disorder. Prevelence rate is high in women due to the high risk of stress related disorders and personality disorders. It has root from stressful, tragically situation in which person have passed through. 

Conversion disorder begins with stress, psychological problem and more specifically unconsciousness conflicts that lead to people lose their blindness, paralysis, swallowing defects, inability to speak and walking. Reasons are not medically tested doctors going through all neurological tests then find out functional neurological disorders. Sometimes symptoms are overlap with other mental disorders too. More specifically these problems came into observation due to person’s walk away from their responsibilities, relationship problems related issues.
Factors that cause conversion disorder are as follows:


Social factors including your environment products in which you have to deal with. Some people are more attention seeker and want to be appreciated from other on each task f it won’t happen with them they do harmful act to drag their attention and care. In society everybody occupied with lots of responsibilities some are manageable and some are stressful but in this case the person that feel burden in their responsibilities lead to show symptoms like paralysis, fits, blindess and swallowing defects to run away with sympathies. This is more interestingly studied in researches because are still not diagnosed, different factors are included.


Conversion disorder is not medically disorder bit it comes in the functional neurological disorder category due to its symptoms related from neurological domain. It happen with the person that has gone through underlying unconscious conflicts exhibits the symptoms of conversions disorder. Before diagnosis doctors asked from patient if he/she passed through any tragicful event. If diagnosis is pointing toward the psychological stressor or any stressful events then the person will be diagnosed as conversion disorder. It is quite understandable thing that these symptoms are firstly considered in medical checkup then go for psychological evaluation.


Biological factors are characterized conversion disorder include impaired cerebral hemispheric communication, excessive cortical arousal that inhibits the individual’s awareness of bodily sensations that possibly cause impairments on neuro-psychological test.
Neuropsychological test have been structured to diagnose the conversion disorder. This disorder is self limiting as 90-100 percent of symptoms are recovered in few months. It depends on the severity level of disorder if he/she is going through stress then it is likely time taking process. It occurs with comorbidity with psychiatric disorders, and the absence of litigation proceeding related to illness. The longer conversion symptoms are present then the worst the prognosis.


Conversion disorder is basically functional neurological disorder that occurs due to underline conflicts. It can be caused through social, personal and biological factors comorbidity of other anxiety, dissociative and personality disorders pretty much risk with theses disorders. Doctors undergoes patient through episodes of medication to maintain the hormonal level normal as well as normal activity too neurological deficits cause major functional problems for this psychiatry help is much focused with other implementation of therapies.


Treatment included first priority to medication because this disorder is basically occur due to the imbalance secretion of neurotransmitter (Serotonin) in the brain that affects the functional defects and lead the person into paralysis, seizers and other malingering disorders. So to prevent from these defects and issues we follow the medications that are pretty much easier to reach on recovery process in few days the person can feel immediate recovery with these medication although these medication have side effects tool so it will be taken under the expert advice of psychiatrist. Medications that are highly recommended with strong effects are as follows:
Although pharmacology treatment is not directly based on conversion but it can prevent person suffering from co morbidity of other disorders like Depression, Anxiety, and Personality disorder and alcohol dependence. Care should be taken to avoid dependence-producing psychotropic gents. Medication that is successful in treatment of tricycle Antidepressants, Haloperidol and also treatment with Electroconvulsive therapy.


As I mentioned above that this disorder need critical evaluation and attention for come in treatment process because it is purely cause due to psychological stress and trauma so it will be better treated with the help of psychotherapies and other behavioral techniques that help the patients feel confidence , self esteem , defensive strategies and many other coping skills. So we start from the cognitive behavioral therapies.


Cognitive behavior therapy is one of the most effective therapies in conversion disorder. It is done with expert therapist is well structure and goal oriented technique in which a patient are set in sessions to talk their inner conflicts and discuss on their personal issues. Reconstruct of thought. It works on belief. Those belief that cut the person from normal life will be revive and person face to reality focused talking in which enables to think positive and self evaluation based procedures. That helps the person to cope their fears and implement defensive strategies that have learned by therapist. Cognitive behavior can take up to 14 sessions in which a person has freedom to talk on each problem. This is systematically procedure 1 by 1 sequence wise reconstruction of ideas and thinkings.if anyone have fear to be beaten by others ,therapist helps the person develop in life threatening situation dealing with more positive and defensive techniques.


It helps in built up confidence and prevents the sensory and motors defective complications. Included regular arm and leg exercise that may help in strong and tightness in weak muscle in case of paralysis and mobility. Daily exercises may help the person to recover fast and prevent from inability of daily functioning.


If someone is facing the problem in speech or swallowing then speech therapist would be great in recovery of linguistic defects.


This disorder is mainly due to stress for reducing stress in daily functions we prefer distraction therapy in which music, dancing, group meetings, exercises, relaxation, mindfulness physical activity are recommended.


Hypnosis is done to drag out person from unconscious conflicts. It is effective therapy with the symptoms of functional neurological disorder, loss of sensation and speech problem are in queue.
Here I have described conversion disorder with its treatment. its causes are still being studied but it is preventable with highly organized therapies.

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