Sunday, February 14, 2016

Zika Virus and Microcephaly infection in Brazil leads to Pregnancy Discussion

Vitoria da Conquista is a city most infected with zika virus and microcephaly infections. Women are distributed among two groups. One thinks that abortion is not an ethical solution for infection. Child should be taken birth either you know, it is special child. Alves is case which gave birth to child which cannot walk, hear, talk and eat. He needs help for all these basic needs. Still she is against abortions.

Brazil is mainly populated with Christian religion. They are heavily social and half of their population is connected via social media like Whatsapp and Facebook. The response is mixed. The followers of Catholic Church are in favor of giving birth to baby in any case. Pentescostals also follow Catholics lead.

Legal experts from all over Brazil are also shedding light on this matter. Like a civil judge from Goiania has given vote for abortion but under tight conditions. If the baby is severe and reports say that the child would lead many irregularities, then abortion is better way. That is good for child instead of living all life in hands of other people.

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