Friday, March 25, 2016

How to Grow Penis in Early Age

The issue of penis size is very normal among all races of humanity. I have come to know that my one friend whose age is merely 17 years have much small penis. His name is Ahsan. I would not disclose full name because of privacy concerns. His cock or penis is only 3.5 inch when erect. The height of boy is around 5.9 feet. The combination of body and his manhood does not meet.

There are many ways that can help Ahsan get good size. I will discuss few like penis stretching, Jelqing, Ulis and Penis Enhancer tools.

The best method is to use tools that are specially made for pumping. The type of enhancement tool can be different and also it can be in form of medicine or oil. The range of price varies and anyway, this is shortcut to begin. All other methods are basically exercises. They have side effects. Many patients sometimes does not get response from exercise but they end up facing marks on their penis in result of stretching and oiling regularly.