Monday, March 28, 2016

Jessica is Scary after Losing his Penis

A lesbian girl who was basically trans gender has gone under operation. She is Jessica. She has let her penis turned into a vagina after Vaginoplasty. Doctors say that this type of operation is safe for life. But the truth of Jessica is very much different from general tales that we hear around. She says that during sex, the process of orgasms is very painful.

Jessica is currently in South Korea to get another surgery after boob and penis operation. She will undergo vocal card operation so that in the end, she turns out to be a complete girl. She has finally spoken in public and issues warning to those who are considering such process to undergo.

The major part is to recover after operation. Both boob and penis are operated in one part and that was a major mistake. The process to get recovered was really tough and it seemed like taking breath away with every passing day. The price of operation was much higher. And Jessica paid around 53,000 British Pounds to get it done. It seems like a drug that costed so high just to get the pleasure of another gender.

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